Tat Guy request Thread 2:"It's a Sequel so it has to be Better!"

-Eh just making a new thread since the old one was like 700 posts…

-Right now I’m holding off on stick art. So just avatars, signatures,wallpapers, stuff like that.

-no animations.

So ask away.


woo! first request of the sequel!

could you make me an ibuki wallpaper, 1024 x 768?

i want this image to be the focus of the wallpaper and in the center:

this one should be on the left and “behind” the first in a fade:

this image should be on the right and “behind” the first in a sort of fade as well:

everything else is up to you, buddy. just make sure the first image stands out. :tup:

if this proves to be too difficult or time-consuming, can you just make me a wallpaper with the first image? thanks.

I would like an avatar using this picture http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/8745/mimitwfr7.png thanx alot Tat. Oh and just put CC somewhere on it.

Could I have an Avatar with this picture in it? It’s Alicia from Bullet Witch

Or you can use this picture. It’s whatever you think is best.

Make it what ever colors you want. And could I have my name in it somewhere?

Thanks Tat

ok mine is real simple. pretty much I want this same exact av but in srk regulation size and the name “I$AAC” in place of “your name” heres the link


Tat…Can you make me a Gaara Avatar? I requested in your old thread…but I guess…you didn’t see it.

Can I get a wallpaper with this image





Beef:Do you have a bigger picture?
I$aac:Do you want me to use that, because that’s taking someone else’s work.

Hahaha yo that shit is dope Tat, thanx again for the avatar!

nice! thanks, man. it looks great. :tup:

Well, something similar to that. Sorry should’ve been more specific =/ besides, I know you can do it better =)

Thanks Tat


Oh can you please do something with this prem size


Of course plz keep the Kid Flash name

plz and thanks

I would like to request an avatar for this site and a signature for other sites, if possible both would be the same design.

Layout=The first picture I’d like placed on the left side of the image and the following picture stationed on the opposite end(text removed). For the most part, I want it to seem like the profile is looking towards the figure.

The background should be comprised of black(possibly), purple and white in order of dominance. Not sure how black will mesh since that’s his hair color. Lone(white lettering) should be somewhere in there, in a non distracting location, of course.



If the whole idea is too much for an AV, just use the first image as far as that goes.

Thanks, regarding any outcome.

I would an appreciate an avatar using this image of Charlie. I don’t need anything specific, just whatever you can make fit. If it’s too large to get anything decent out of, let me know and I’ll find something else.





hey tat guy, are you still working on my Av?

Haha, thanks tat, I love it.