Tat Guy wants you!

Anyone want to do a tag battle. … you can pick the theme/what we’re making. . . bored and my other two ones they ain’t replying to me. . .

Did you delete your posts cause I didn’t reply Alee?. . . ./Kidzero as well

yeah cause i saw you post in another tag thread so i was like ok? if you didnt catch the post, i suggested to keep things simple and just do a sf third strike theme, dimensions 420x130. let me know if you still down

sure. . . .

so you two are battling now?? damn, i was going to participate

battle me? :sweat:

tetsu ill battle u’z

sweetness sounds good.
btw gumz im the dude with red sexy hair that sent you a friend request on myspace lol.

i kno i like teh red hair i want some =[ but im mexican so it wont go good together lol plus i have only a lil strip of hair on my head

haha i know you got the hawk.

yo have you listened to my beats?

Oh yeah. I wanted in, but something came up @ the last second…:rolleyes: so I’m out.

I can add you. . .i’ve always got free time for something. . . .

aight lets do it

size: 350 width 100 heightt
theme: voltron
due: before saturday at noon

im done with mine. tell me when to post.

just pm it to me. . .went ahead and made it first. . . .

pm sent

yo im ready to throw down some hardcore ms paints tag battles!

give me a bud light hooomez.

No speak english!

sure. . .again. . .I’ll work on it tomorrow. . .with jswey’s. . .your theme/size limits. . .

ms paint. (x.x) Q(’.'Q) KO Hugo wins!