tatsu crossups



hi is there a guide on tatsu crossups ? i have been searching it on youtube but cant seem to find it.

like example which version of the tatsu do u use, l,m or h . and when to execute it during wake up of opponent.

Tatsu wake up crossup (ground)

It depends on the character you are up against and what you are trying to do with it.Light Tatsu hist most meaty so use that for crossup tatsu into super and the like.For most damage use HK.


LK cross up is the easiest to do and the easiest to link into super, but it can be done from HK too, the timing is just a little bit harder.
it’s hard to explain how to do it by writing on a forum, but i can tell you it all depends on the timing. if you want to cross up someone from a jump in that could not normally cross up you want to perform the tastu as soon as the jump arc starts going down, just after the peak of the jump. but i guess you’ll just have to go into training rom and try it yourself.


Ground tatsu x-ups:
f.throw, lp DP, hk tatsu (you need to delay this slightly else it whiffs)
b.throw, dash, dash, hk tatsu
b.throw, dash, mk tatsu
b.throw, lk tatsu, hk tatsu

Air x-ups:
f.throw, backdash (or just step back), jump, air tatsu
ranged sweep (ie. not in their face), jump, air tatsu

There are more setups (eg. after the opponent blocks certain attacks), but these are the ones I use most often.


Another setup:
f.throw, cr.mk, dash, hk tatsu.

You have to delay the dash for a frame or two, but it’s pretty easy in general.


Can you share these set ups as well thanks. Also how do you use jumping tatsu to punish other projectile characters? I noticed pro Ryu players nailing Rose and Dhalsim with a jumping tatsu to punish their fireballs from really far away. When I try this I get punished.


Punishing fireballs with air tatsu is tricky. It requires good spacing on the jump and good timing on the tatsu so that it doesn’t whiff. in addition, you can’t really do it on reaction… You need to predict the fireball. Unless Rose does hp soul spark or something.

Mixing up the air tatsu approach with an empty jump can work as well. They’ll have a harder time antiairing.


Against Hakan:
b.throw, empty jump, hk tatsu

Haven’t tested it against the entire cast, but I know he’s got a weird wakeup timing off a back throw.