Tatsu FADC isn't useless

So I’m 1year and a half old on this game and only realised some things tonight about hitting crouchers. Funny things for the most.

cl. :hp: xx Fireball FADC, cr. :hp: can whiff, the last cr. :hp:

For example on Cammy, on Chun Li and Rose if they were crouching. On Adon it’s weird, you’ll connect sometimes, whiff the other times (Like you need to delay by 1frame for the cr.HP to connect).
Doing this combo in the corner often solve this problem. But against Chun, your second fireball will completely whiff above her body. Did you ever noticed that those fireball hit her on her back when you combo her mid screen ?
I’m still checking the other chars to see how they react to this combo crouched.

But the point is you can combo them clean doing a Tatsu FADC instead of the second Fireball FADC.
You can even just do the Tatsu after the first FADC without the need of a cancelled normal. This can be important because they are crouching and not a lot of normals can be put here and still guaranty a connected Tatsu.
You have cl. :mp: and cl. :mk: and cr. :lp: probably cr. :lk: too but cr. :mk: or cr. :mp: would be a huge risk or tatsu whiff. Same with cl. :hp: will make tatsu whiff.

So, now you have a universal 4 bars combo on crouchers like this :
cl. :hp: xx Fireball FADC, Tatsu FADC, cl. :hp: xx lk Tatsu, Sweep

And if you feel it add a cl. :mp: or cl. :mk:
cl. :hp: xx Fireball FADC, cl. :mp: xx Tatsu FADC, cl. :hp: xx lk Tatsu, Sweep (403 damage)

If you want that sweep, you really want to vortex your opponent, that’s a cool combo to start training. It’s not that hard at all.

IIRC Daigo was using tatsu FADC all the time while he was playing around with Akuma. The funny part is, though it’s actually really practical and does a decent amount of damage, none of the high-level Akumas seem to care about hitting crouching opponents. They just go with cl HP --> Fireball FADS —> cl HP —> shoryu xD

If I knew how to time some shit after a sweep (like the great players do) I would spend the time needed to learn this Tatsu variation. Ho yeah.

By the way… was I the only scrub here that never noticed the fireball whiff on crouching Chun in the corner ??

I never knew that either. Chun’s are rare beast this days, even online. Don’t get many opportunities to test stuff againts her lol.

For better consistency at the beginning (before you get used to the timing) you can use easier version of this combo. From easy to hard list here :

cl:hp: xx Hado , fadc , HK Tatsu , fadc , cr:mp: xx LK Tatsu , sweep

cl:hp: xx Hado , fadc , HK Tatsu , fadc , cl:hp: xx LK Tatsu , sweep

cl:hp: xx Hado , fadc , cl:mk: xx HK Tatsu , fadc , cl:hp: xx LK Tatsu , sweep

cl:hp: xx Hado , fadc , cl:mp: xx HK Tatsu , fadc , cl:hp: xx LK Tatsu , sweep

Becareful with cl:mk: I use it because with :mp: I get overhead too much for the moment, but this :mk: whiff on a crouching Rose after an fadc. Maybe on some others but anyway.

And for the god of the hitconfirm, you have a 2 bars force stand combo too after a tiny hitconfirm. You can’t expect to hitconfirm with 2 crouch jabs because it’s highly char specific, so here is one that works on everyone (except Blanka ^^ ).

j.:hk: / :mk: , cr:lp: , cr:lp: xx HK Tatsu , fadc , enjoy

Chun Li is very popular here, both online and among our tournament and arcade scene. In fact, some of Australia’s stronger players use Chun.

Its for this reason I have to bite my tongue whenever I hear people say how ‘easy’ the matchup is for Akuma or how deserving Chun is for buffs. When she has a decent pilot, she’s by no means a weak character nor a free match-up.

Oh and to get back on track, I find tastu FADC is an unreliable waste of meter personally. Use the FADC on crouchers to rip right into sweep for a guaranteed knockdown, or if it’s damage you’re after FADC into cs.hp xx HP SRK. If close enough, exchange HP SRK for hk tatsu (provided the first hit connects) for more damage + better positional advantage + slight corner carry.


I’ve noticed that glitch with crouching chun li’s too.
it really fucks me off how she can “escape” from a full combo just because her head is too small or whatever. I usually do an ex tatsu now instead of the 2nd FADC…
if I remember

The same glitch you guys speak of can actually be used against her. s.HP > LP.Fireball > Sweep works on a crouching Chun.

wow haha, that’s funny.