Tatsu Maki Sempu Kyaku

Woot hi guys! this is a quickie i did this afternoon to relax a bit from some pics im working on.

I didnt use ref so dont be harsh with my poor ken, will color him with a lot of fire in his legs :smiley: . I like this move a lot, its so quick and cool, like in his U2

Tatsu Maki Sempu Kyaku by *PaTXiNaKi on deviantART

More will come

I have this done! the colors at lats!

Took me this afternoon to have the colors but im very happy with them.


Hope u like it

I love the fire effects!

nice colours

Creolekid14 -Thanks this time i did the flames better than others, just 2 layers and a filter in photoshop

MR List - Thanks man, i did my best with this one ^^