Tatsu Resets

I don’t know why there isn’t a thread on this already, I mean this is so GDLK and you can stun your opponent fast. Anyways I’ve decided to make one and as the title states Tatsu Resets so you can guess what this thread is about. The combo that you should use is in the spoiler tap below along with the characters that it works on and it doesn’t.


[details=Spoiler] The Characters It Works Against
(Cl. Hp x Lk Tatsu x C. Lp x Fwd Dash)
You can do both Crouching or Close Standing jab

Evil Ryu
Fei Long
Cody, Dan, Oni, Akuma(Only C. Lp)
Rose(Cl. Jab)



These are the characters that requires you to FADC a crouching jab to mixup your opponent

M. Bison
C. Viper
Chun Li

Don’t Work Against


El Fuerte

I hope this helps you all!!!

My contribuction: You can to crossup almost anyone in the cast at the mid of the screen with FADC, and using the full combo: mk ak, c.mp xx lk tatsu, cl.mk FADC. And this same setup almost never crosses up when done in the corner.

The problem with E.Ryu’s resets, at least the ones involving lk tatsu, is that most of them are not ambiguous. I mean, once the opponent knows that when his char gets reseted with a jab E.R’s dash will crossunder and when he gets hit by a c.mp the dash wont crossunder, its over. So its the kind of stuff that works while noone knows the matchup, but soon it will become useless.

However, there are a few chars whose E.R. can to apply a really ambiguous setup using the LK tatsu reset in the corner. If you performed the c.jab at a X time the dash will cross, if you to perform the c.jab at a X+Y time, the dash wont cross. Thats usefull in the long term. Right now im only sure about Viper beeing one of the chars this ambiguous setup works. Im not sure but I think it also works against most of the tall chars in the game.

Was just testing the cl.HP lk tatsu reset midscreen, and against certain chars it gets really anbiguous, seens good. Against Viper, if you do the cl.HP from point blank, cancels into the tatsu in the first possible frame and hits the c.LP in the first and follow with the dash asap, if you hold the forward direction after the dash E.R. will to cross, and if you dont hold down the forward direction after the dash, E.R. wont cross. Thats really nice.

Im seeing that you can do such things against the majority of the cast, but its not as efective as the one against Viper. If you to delay the c.LP time you can do a dash and dont crossup against almost anyone, but what Im seeing is that its pretty easy to see on wich side each one will be when I do it with a delayed c.lp.

The setup beeing random is not a problem (it is a problem for the game as a whole, randomness sucks, but E.R. have nothing with that at all, the best chars in the game are the more random ones afterall), the problem is that its random but its easy to visually see where the chars are going to land, at least the way im doing right now. I will keep testing stuff to see if I find a consistent way to the random reset plus to make it harder for the opponent to see in wich side his char will land.

The fact that the distance where you are when you hit the cl.HP and the time you take to cancel it into the lk.tatsu also changes the final result of the reset. It increases the randomness of the setup, so it can keep its usefullness even when people start learning the matchup.

After a lot of testing, my conclusion is that cr. LK FADC is the most ambiguous as it will only cross under depending on how close you are to your opponent. So if can quickly figure out how far away you are, you’ll know which direction to do your motion if you wanted to do a axe kick combo for example. Still not that ambiguous, if I had to name one, I’d say it would be cr. LK.

As for how ambiguous the other normals are to reset off LK tatsu, well I agree that they’re not ambiguous but you can mask them by using different normals before the reset. This way people can’t just concentrate on which normal you use to reset, they have to also recognize what kind of combo led into the LK tatsu. If they can’t do that then they’ll have to be quick with there reactions or just guess which side you’ll be on.

I remember trying this stuff during the first couple weeks of AE, but just gave up on it because I didn’t think it was a good tactic. But I’ll be trying to use it more in my matches and see how people react to it.

Thanks for testing it out but I can only assume that c. Lk push your opponent to far back or too low to dash under them, idk if that’s a fact again I’m only assuming lol

to know wich direction you will end in order to do the combo isnt much of a problem to E.R. when hes decided to combo after the reset because he have time to hitconfirm everything, you throw out c.lp/c.mp, then cl.HP, and by now you already know wich side you are and how to perform the special move correctly. Now if youre expecting the other guy to be mashing both diagonals in order to get a reversal dp, then you have to know the side you will be at when you finish the reset.

About your LK sugestion, every move E.R. uses to do these resets have diferent results on diferent chars. Which chars have you tested it against?

Good point, I only tested it against Ryu. Will do some more testing on a wider variety of characters.

@ Deathgun are you on Xbl maybe we can get some games in

Again I don’t think the c. Lk works on every character just ryu and evil. Why them? Because anything that works on ryu works on Evil ryu. Also so character require you to use standing jab and some c. Jab to get the reset

I meant cr. LK > FADC, not just cr. LK and then dash. Close st. LK>FADC also looks somewhat ambiguous. I’ve tried it on Cody and Fei Long so far. It just depends which normals and how many you use before LK tatsu that determines whether you cross under or not. But if you really want to use this tactic, I think you have to be willing to burn meter like Yang does. Without it, you have to be very close to your opponent after LK tatsu to be able to dash under without FADC.

Once again you come through. Good shit.

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If the appropriate time to go for a reset is after more hits than:
dive kick/j attack,cr LP(hit confirm),cl HPxxRyusokyaku,cr LP/cr MPxx

why to trade that for:

dive kick/j attack,cr LP(hit confirm),cl HPxxTatsumaki[reset] (btw on Ryu if u try to go for the reset after dive kick/j attack cr LP,cl HPxxTtasumaki(LK) cr LP,dash then u wont be able to cross under and i am sure it happens to more chars of this list)

Tryed wth cl HPxx Tatsumaki(LK) cr LP reset after Ryusokyaku,cr LPxx Hadoken,FADC, but still u cant make it work as above.
I found that u can use cr HP instead of cl HP for Tatsumaki(LK) cr LP[reset] dash immediately(cross under and If u delay the dash a little bit then u wont cross under).With cr MPxx Hadoken FADC it wont work if u want to go for the most damage possible,cause it pushes opponent more back than cr LP.

I havent tested on all chars yet to come up with a list

*(opponent standing}Ryusokyaku(MK),cr LPxxHadoken,[FADC forward],cr HPxxTatsumaki(LK) cr LP,dash forward(if dashed immediately then Cross Under,if delayed a bit then fake Cross Under]*List:


  1. Ryu
  2. Ken
  3. Ibuki
  4. Dudley
    *5) Seth
  5. Gouken
  6. Gouki
  7. Gen
  8. Dan
  9. Sakura
  10. Oni
    *12) Abel
  11. Viper
  12. Sagat
  13. Cammy
  14. Cody
  15. Evil Ryu
  16. Claw
  17. Boxer
  18. Fei Long
  19. Rose

*I have added Seth&Abel to that list typically since u could combo cl MK instead of cr LP and it leaves u closer so it would be possible to try other way for a crossunder reset.I ll test it


Against Seth and Abel cl MK can be used as cr LPxx Hadoken for Ryusokayku(MK) series and as cr HPxxTatsumaki(LK) cr LP dash forward for the reset(can do the whole Ryusokyaku(MK) series finish with cl MKxxTatsumaki(LK) cr LP dash Cross Under/non Cross Under reset)