TATSUNICAL- the Tatsunoko vs Capcom fan art tribute contest!

Hey all!

As some of you may have noted, yesterday marked the two year anniversary of the release of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes! With Capcom’s updated western release, TVC: Ultimate All Stars, why not help us celebrate this epic crossover’s incoming 1 year anniversary by entering our art contest!

To enter, get creative! You can submit anything utilizing your arty skillz: drawings, models/sculptures, cosplay, combo/tribute videos, photos of collections, even a personal story of your love of the game. Been to a previous Capcom event where you got your first hands on? Went to a launch party? Tell us about it!

We have some awesome prizes to give away to the most passionate fans and creative talent out there! (TBA - keep your eyes peeled!)

Additionally, we wll endeavour to show all collected content resulting from this contest to Tatsunoko Productions, 8-ing and Capcom, as a massive thank you to the various teams and individuals that took part in the game’s production.

Closing date for all entries will be** January 26th, 2011 @11:59pm (PST)**. Late entries will not be accepted.


*1. One entry per person. Make it count!

  1. Each piece must include at least ONE Tatsunoko element and ONE Capcom element. (the only exception being individual cosplayers). Recreate your teams, mix and match, the choice is yours!

  2. This contest is open to all ages, worldwide!

  3. No inappropriate content will be accepted. This includes: bad language, nudity/sexual content, racist or hateful terms/imagery.

  4. Entries must be received by January 26th, 2011 at 11:59pm (TvC:UAS Launch Day!)

  5. Late entries will not be eligible for prizes.

To submit entries, either upload them to your preferred photo hosting site and link them on Unity, or e-mail them to us @ unity_tournaments@hotmail.ca. All entries will be featured on Unity, so have fun and good luck!

here is the official Unity Tournaments thread: http://www.capcom-unity.com/unitytournaments/go/thread/view/109313/26443577/Tatsunical-_the_Tatsunoko_vs_Capcom_fan_art_contest!

I’m no artist, but the least I can do is help spread the word about the contest for the game closest to my heart.


and you dont have to be an “Artist” to enter. I’m sure you’ve got some good stories to share. Or videos of combos/matches. ; )

anything is open to be entered! : )

I will definitely submit an entry for this. It’s great to see such a great game go out with a bang. (This should probably be moved to TVC general discussion section)

Added prizes

awesome, I need to get off my ass and draw the rest of the crew!!!

only 19 days left! get on it! : P

Has no one replied to this yet? I don’t have a blu-ray dvd player and I’ve already seen the entire series but I’d like to contribute.