Tatsunoko combo vid

a short tatsunoko vid, my zero combos are basic but it’s too show what I do with zero/tekkaman team

2 short zero and tekkaman combo, that includes a karas killed 100% it’s kinda not practical.

another vid
Fantasystar TvC Light Show combo video


2 zero Soki combos that kill, plus two other combos.

Fantastic combos!!! but you need to get a capture card or a hdpvr : )

thanks for the compliment. I would have used one but I’m broke right now lol. I just used my sister’s small digital camera.

I put up one more vid. just show cases soki going into oni mode and loop and other flashy combos from zero for some eye candy.


another vid showcasing roll heal dhc with zero


My latest video with zero. it shows mid-screen loops with his super. and 3xvoltekka in one combo with tekkaman/polimar. Enjoy

TvC 2 zero combos

tekkaman/zero meters:5 dmg: 53b unscaled beefy lv3 dmg :slight_smile:
In this combo it is the only way to dhc glitch into tekkaman’s lv3. Zero must land on the other side. Any other time tekkaman will just grab them and let the opponent go.