Tatsunoko Stick PCB layout


Hey guys this is my first time posting here and I’m wondering if you can help me read this PCB. I’m trying to connect this thing to a PS360+ i took a picture of the front and back of the PCB. The goals I’m trying to achieve is having support for LED lights that are built into the original Wii PCB as well as a functioning home button. I’ve already modded my TE stick to have these supported but I’ve never modded anything Nintendo related. You guys can download the images of the PCB and im linking them to imgur if that helps. I know which GND I’m using to connect this board to the PS360+ but i have no idea where to solder a wire to enable the home button. Side note i have no idea what a VCC line does.
the front: http://imgur.com/QpinyEQ
the back: http://imgur.com/TalmJex


Do you have a multimeter? You could see where continuity is created when the button is pressed. You can tell which of the two points is ground by checking for continuity with any other ground point. Both boards will need power, so you’ll have to connect the vcc lines also.


I do have a multimeter, and i know which is ground but i have no idea which connection i need to solder for home button and main power for the LEDs.


The circle on the right (S-1) is the contact point for home (front picture). See those interlocking copper channels? One side is the signal, one side is ground. Use your multimeter (set to ohms, or for a continuity beep if yours has that) to find which side is ground by touching a known ground point with one probe then seeing which side of the contacts has continuity. The one that doesn’t is the signal. Find a good solder point that has continuity with the signal contact.

As a disclaimer, I haven’t done this specifically, though I do have pad hacking and dual modding experience.


Alright, thanks for the information. I believe i found a contact point for the home…but it also goes off if i press the turbo button…which surprises me since my T.E stick didn’t do that. I put the black ground multimeter pointer into the GND contact point that is in the box that is below the wda and wck (front pic) and then i put the power needle on the contact point on the back with the large copper circle with the red glue on the bottom of it. when i press the home button and the turbo button it sets off the multimeter off…I also set the multimeter into beeping mode.


also was wondering what the WDA and WCK contact point does since i dont see a VCC contact point on this PCB.


You shouldn’t need to activate the button to find a solder point for the signal line. You just need continuity with the correct (ie, not ground) side of the button contact.

You can find vcc by looking at a wii controller pinout, touch the correct pin and probe the system cable wires.


your right and i found the continuity but i detached the wii cable before figuring out the VCC so i messed up. need to figure out how the inside of a tatsunoko stick looks like with the cable attached.


On the front of the PCB there’s a section on it where it says GND, WCK, WDA, nothing and then above it 3.2V would that 3.2V be the VCC solder point?


Yeah, the 3.2v labeled point should work.


I’ll see if I can make time to do some ms paint highlighting after work tonight.


I was reading some faqs on the Wii controller PCB and it seems there needs to be two different power connections. one is at the 3.2v and the other is right below it but both have to be attached to the same wire…also when i did this to my TE stick i never added a VCC line and the home button worked without any problems. Although i did later add a VCC when i needed to get the LEDS working with the PS360+.


Going to re-cap the whole thing here for clarity’s sake (re-reading my previous answers, it’s possible the information was jumbled), bear with me if you’ve already got most of this- it may help someone else reading.

One of the two red points on the right side is ground. I’m assuming the one on the right is, but use your multimeter to be sure by touching one of the blue ground points and seeing which side has continuity with ground. The other one is the signal, this is where you want to solder your home wire to. Try to do it on the edge of the contact pad without a huge glob of solder, you need the button’s rubber pad to touch both sides for it to work.
Solder ground to one of the ground points, doesn’t matter which one (there are obviously more than the two I marked). Solder your VCC wire to the 3.2v point marked red on the left side (This should supply power to the light and the board itself, the latter being necessary because you’re technically dual modding, sounds like you got lucky with your TE).

I’m assuming you’ve read more about this particular pcb than I have, but I’m baffled as to why you would need to solder to two separate power points on the same board. Try it this way and see if it works.


okay so i found a continuity point on the stick, but looking at the back of the board there were two red power lines connected. 1 went to the 3.2v and the other was right below it. I also feel like i got very lucky on my TE stick.


If one doesn’t work, try the other.


i definitely will, thanks for all the imput you have given me.


No problem.