Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2 possibility


I think it deserves its own thread.

Anyway, the creator, Ryouta Niizuma, wants to make a sequel, hoping to please more and sell more.

Also note that he mentioned the characters that didn’t make it in the final 22 (they were saving for more in the sequel), either out of copyright issues and balance. Although he might consider them for the sequel.

Tatsunoko Side :

  • Joe the Condor (Gatchaman)
  • Yatterman #2
  • Shulato (from Shulato)
  • Soul Taker
  • Nakahara Komugi
  • Daikyojin (mecha of Yattodetaman, another Time Bokan series anime)
  • Berg Katse (enemy of Gatchaman)
  • Tekkaman Evil
  • Braiking Boss (enemy of Casshern)
  • JJ (Zillion)

Capcom Side :

  • Leon
  • Nash (Charlie)
  • Date Masamune
  • Arthur
  • Ibuki
  • Vega (M. Bison)
  • Lei-Lei/Hsein-Ko
  • Zero Gouki (Cyberbots mecha… who acts like Gouki)
  • Tiara Hime (look up Gaia Masters, another Japan only, obscure Capcom game)
  • Nero
  • June
  • Rouge
  • Tyrant
  • Hinata Wakaba


wow, that lineup looks serious. well at least on the capcom side. i dont know the other side that well

haha my gf loves Komugi. haha Soultaker, that anime reminded me of megaman for some reason.

can’t believe no Speed Racer still.

It still follows many theories too (e.g. Kobayashi sez no Dante, Kikaku sez no Strider Hiryu, etc.)

If I were a betting man, I’d bet it would be less than a year before the sequel. The engine is in place, its just a matter of adding characters and tweaking what is there.

Let’s just hope Tatsu doesnt pull a Marvel after the second one is successful. LOL.

Dude, too soon for a sequel in my opinion. But hey, I’m all for it.

Developer was just saying that he would like to do a sequel. Give it a year or so.

True, but at least they have it in mind. The possible list looks nice.

Sad that there’s still no playable Okami character or Dante on that list. Most are characters I don’t really care about. :confused:

Amaterasu for TvC2??? I hope…

I’m down for a sequel.

This game is too fun

The game needs Samurai Pizza Cats. I’d love to see a sequel because it seems like they were just testing the waters with TvC. Seems to be like the XvSF of a new era.

-Tha Hindu

honestly the games’ roster would be perfect with

Phoenix Wright
Samurai Pizza Cats
Frank West

add those and (with more assist options) 3v3 and they’re golden

SPC isn’t even popular in Japan.

At least Nero and Ibuki came to mind. Also Bairiking Boss, never actually seen him before, but is it the Casshern or Casshern sin’s one ?

Buraiking Boss is original Casshern stuff.

Okay , just making sure.

This is true. After all, CoTA through MSHSF came out on an annual basis. What we need to know is how long Capcom has the license for, or if it’s on a game by game basis like the CvS games were.

@StuartHayden - XVSF and MSHSF came out within a year of each other. Of course, that didn’t stop people from disowning MSHSF and going back to XVSF almost immediately, but you get the point. The engine is in place and they’ve got the license for the time being, so they’ll probably make at least three games unless there’s some sort of limit like there was with the CvS games.