Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Arcade Stick Consideration


Good Evening all,

I’m currently debating the purchase of a Madcatz TVC stick, my Hori stick broke. For those that have used the stick what are your thoughts on its longevity, responsiveness and overall satisfaction with the stick? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I plan on replacing the buttons with some Sanwa buttons I have left over from my Candy Cab project and might replace the stick as well but I’m not too sure the difference will me major, any advice would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance guys and Happy New Year!



I own a PS3 SSF4 TE and I also own a MadCatz Wii TvC stick w/ CC-USB converter.

The TvC stick is not as good as the TE. It’s a lot cheaper though. It’s good enough. And if you want to, you can mod it.


It’s the same as the SE stick, just with TvC artwork on it. It can be modded with a JLF and 30mm sanwa snap ins. If you like the artwork, get it! Although it is only for the wii. If you’re looking for something that works for the xbox/ps3, get the SE.

Although for the price of the modding and buying the stick, you might as well get a TE which already comes with full sanwa parts, or get the new Hori V3SA which is very similar and has all sanwa.


Thanks for the replies guys, yeah I have two TE sticks for the PS3 and 360 but need a Wii stick but want to make sure these are quality sticks and the deal on gameshark, buy one get one free is almost too good to pass on


Parts are a step above those on an SE and even a Hori FS. Stick uses Omron D3V-16-3A5 microswitches, similar to those used on Sanwa’s TP-MA.


Yup, someone on this forum did a side-by-side comparison (internals of the buttons) of these parts vs Sanwa buttons & they were very similar.


As some members in the thread already mentioned, the stick is not just an SE stick. It is the first stick that has the original Mad Catz parts. The parts we took time into engineering a solution comparable to Sanwa/Seimitsu style parts.


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I own an unmodded TvC stick, and I’ve got to say it has some of the best stock parts I’ve ever owned. The buttons are great. When I carry it with me to gatherings people can’t tell the difference. They just assume it’s Sanwa because it matches the artwork I put on it. I did tighten the spring though, but I do that on all of my sticks.