Tatsunoko vs Capcom Blocking/How do you Tech Roll?

I’m having trouble fighting people who block down alot i do air dashes to get over their head to attack but they just return the favor by doing the samething lolz is there any way to stop this?..and how do you tech roll…

Tech roll is just holding the direction you want to roll when you’re on the ground.

As for dealing with down-back holders - find a character with a command overhead. Ryu’s 6B is pretty useful here. I use Roll’s 6B, myself. Overhead’s are pretty slow, but can be canceled with Baroque to remove the recovery time and turn them into combo starters. As for dealing with instant air dash overheads, you just have to learn that you hold down back against characters with no overheads until they leave the ground, then just hold back. You can also start incorporating advance guard when in long blockstrings to push the opponent away, leaving them open to different punishers, depending on your character.