Tatsunoko vs Capcom Community


I want a good community for this game.
Let’s make it happen.

[media=youtube]-2iyi2pEwSY"[/media] - Very Informative to get you started

I will hold weekly gatherings for this game once a week. Starting next week. It will be on Thursdays@7p and I guess the best place would be Starnet/Funland II.

If you are interested in the game, please come and check it out.
I have a Wii, the game 1 classic controller and a gamecube controller.
If you have sticks, please bring it along.
I haven’t been in Starnet before so I don’t know how many system we can hook up.
2 systems should be good to hold the people who want to give it a try.
Somebody needs to bring another system with the game. Hopefully, everybody unlocked.

—This game has been confirmed for EVO so we have to represent.----

I will need a co-director help me hold the gatherings. Anybody interested?
From time to time when everybody is ready, we will hold tournaments for this game.
Let’s all learn and have fun together with this game.




I’m looking at a few different teams, Team Joe being my #1 choice so far (Viewtiful/Condor), although I’m looking at Zero, Mega Man, and Yatterman-2 consistently. I’ve posted up a friend codes thread in here if you look a bit, but nobody else seems interested in the game right now, which sucks because it’s the best fighter to be released in a very long time.


This game looks awesome. Picking up my copy today and hoping to get into it. Having never played the import version I have no idea what teams I wanna use, although the two most appealing characters to me atm are Frank West and Megaman


I already know how to play this game cept for the new stuff. hope to play you guys at it soon.


They changed Roll’s assist. She’s top tier assist now. Freaking shopping cart that sends you bouncing on the wall for combos.
Frank West seems to be a good partner for her.

Not a lot of changes. There was balancing done.
Infinites are still there but Combo Breaker can stop it.




Don’t know why it double posted.


Roll and Frank West.
Sounds awesome to me lol. I’m gonna give everything a try.


I picked this up today. Seems pretty fun so far.


I’m interested in the game, but I don’t own a Wii.
Once I do (which is only a matter of time, since my wife doesn’t play video games but would play Mario and Mario Kart, Wii sports, etc) I’ll get TvC and a stick for sure.


Was finally able to get all the characters.
I basically used gameshark type of thing to give me monies and all the characters. LOL
If you have homebrew channel and an SD card, send me a message and i’ll tell you what I did.

I’ll be using Megaman and Zero from now on.




What version of Ultimate All-Stars are you playing?


US version that just came out. My characters didn’t change that much by the looks of it.



It’s nothing hugely major, but they removed the infinites.


Russ i added you on msn if you ever wanna have some casuals, Varleran i think i played you last night at Pownz if im not mistaken, the only Joe player.


Team Jooooooooe!


I wonder if this still works.
I posted this awhile back.


Duranmana: Cool. When I can, I will certainly play. Still re-learning though so give me a week or so. LOL



Hey guys. I’m new to Shoryuken forums, and this is the second fighter (if you count Brawl) I’ve gotten into. I got the arcade stick for it and I’m learning how to use it…slowly, haha. The main characters I’m using are Yatterman 1 and Yatterman 2, since I love the series.

Anyway, I’m glad to see a topic for it. I hope that a scene develops for this game, because it would be really nice to have people to improve against.


I updated the first page.
Please read if you really want to play the game.



There seems to be a small following for this in Waterloo (currently I count 4-5 who would consider playing this tourney caliber), as well we will be holding a TvC tournament at our Fight On! event March 6th (chances are it will be our only side event and the entry fee will be raised to $5.00…which just means bigger pot). See the main post board for details.

Once I get some practice I’ll post up my Wii code on the appropriate board.

We may have some nights of TvC casuals here in Waterloo in the future. Not sure where any of you are from, but if you are near Waterloo and want to play, please post on our boards!


I’m interested in this game, it seems really fun. I have a few questions:

  1. Are the giants banned? If not, are they viable?

  2. As soon as I saw Frank West was in this game, I flipped my shit. Russell, you already mentioned that Roll is a good partner for him; are there any other characters that partner well with him?

  3. Does anyone have a Gamecube/Wii arcade stick or a PS2 arcade stick they’d be willing to sell? Finding a converter would be expensive as well…ugh.

  4. Is this game playable with the Gamecube controller? :rofl: