Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Control Layout

Hi there, im new here, and i just got T vs.C.
but i dont know wat the button Are, like the 3x punch or which buttons are combos.

can someone please show me or Tell me what they are?

What controller?

The default Classic and I think GC controller are:


R and L are the shortcuts, but I don’t remember which one is which. I think R is weak+medium or medium+fierce and L is weak+medium+fierce.

Z’s only use is to scroll the movelist.

There are four buttons in total.

A = for weak attacks
B = Medium attacks
C = Heavy/Fierce attacks
D = Assist attack

D also work for Baroque which is activated when you press D inmediately after any move that you have done.

The would look like this in a Arcade stick


But of course, you can change the button’s position whenever you want if you play on console.

Also, remember always reading the Sticky threads before making therads like these.

Thank you guys Very Very Much. n_n

i dont ever recall ever using L, lol im terrible

i think R is mapped as (l+m+h punch)
z is taunt

For GC controllers, I did

B = Weak
A = Strong
Y = Fierce
X = Partner
L = Baroque
R = All three Attack Buttons
Z = Mega Crash

ooh nice, i gotta try your L/Z setup

There are beginers and basics sticky threads at the top these types of questions are answered in or should be asked in. Avoid making your own new topics every time you wonder something. Its the internet, learn to search it.