Tatsunoko vs Capcom @ Evo


ZOMG, get super hype!




now all you need is for them to debut a morrigan sprite with more then 16 colors and WE’RE ALL GOOD BABY


WTF! 08 is gonna be so insane!


ima hit this


I wanna go to EVO. :sad:


my heart just skipped a beat





God bless you Mr.Wizard.

It’s almost like Capcom is a secret sponsor with all sorts of micro’s and hax. :lovin:


evo08 is gonna be the shit


I’ll be there with MikeZ to break the game.


I heard it actually contains 17 colors, and indeed, it still is a sprite.


dammit i wish i was going this year…:sad:


I wish this would start the road for making the game hit outside Japan. D:


Dammit, get this on YouTube to show who’s the fastest to find a glitch. :rofl:


Holy fuck I’m so happy I’m going to Evo this year.


Mr Wizard > Steve Jobs.

Evo keeps raising the bar. good shit.


3 new games at this year’s evo? all i can say is, GOOD SHIT


how are you going to fit all of this awesomeness in one hotel?


So, does this encourage you folks to finally book at the Tropicana? I think so! GOGOGO


If Storm is in this game somehow, I’ll find her. You can count on that.

–Jay Snyder