Tatsunoko vs Capcom Fight It Out Chicago Results


Round Robin Results

1st Frankie 4-1
**2nd **J-Money 4-1
3rd SRX 3-2
AuhsojSivart 2-3
Xombie 2-3
Ayala 0-5


Frankie vs J-Money best of 5
Frankie wins 3-1


Yeah shit was fun, GG’s Travis keep leveling up you and your friend.

Btw you like left immediatly after the The SF4 finals,where’'d you go dude?:shake:

-Frankie :cool:


Good stuff Frankie, good stuff. Keep it up and don’t go losing to people who don’t know how to play hehe. Are you going to evo? Hopefully you make it into the 64 people in the invitational.


I haven’t touched TVC in a long ass time so I hada go with memory.:wonder:

But Karas BNB/Stuffz is not so hard to remember just hada feel it again, yeah I wanna get back on this game and I hope to do well @ Evo when I go.

-Frankie :cool:


Good shit with placing J-Money.


How many people entered?


about 150

it was too hype


Yea man it was dope i had to fight my way to the top, Even the room was against me. I did a combo on Frankie the power went out.


Not gonna lie, shit was intense. I was like “omg, how do i played?” then Xombie was like “TEAM 16 CANDLES!” and I’m like “o shi-!”, then I fought J$$$$ and died, then Frankie stepped up and I’m like “o shi-! Karas!” but I beat dat no-health scrub, then he like “whateva, I GOT PAID” and J$$$$ like “o shi-!”

Good shit :tup: