Tatsunoko vs Capcom Fight Stick coming from Mad Catz


First time I’ve seen this anywhere. Looks like MadCatz is going crazy with the themed fightsticks. Let’s see: Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko, Marvel, what’s next?



Already a thread made earlier about this…if it’s not Sanwa parts then it sucks.



Didn’t spot it. And thanks for clarifying about the parts. Next time I won’t post anything unless I have the Benjiedude-Sanwa seal of approval… sheesh


MIVLives already made art of it too.

He so quick.
First the Comic-Con last night, now this.


That guy isn’t messing around. He’s probably working on the Marvel vs Capcom art as we speak…


Nice sarcasm…sheesh. Make sure you PM me from now on before you post and I’ll preview it and edit it. :tup:


Ha. Well I can’t thank you enough for your kindness.


when is this out i need it Dx


neither sanwas blue or purple buttons seem to be that hue of blue. Im thinking non sanwa, ill stick with my ps2-GC converter


Its still a piece of crap SE stick.


y u say that


Damn this guy is good! He is missing the little bit of font though in the lower left.


Sanwa Blue is that color.


Yes, I don’t know what the text is to say either. :sad:


Yeah, it was my day off from work.:smile:

Doh! you spoiled the surprise!:amazed:

I wish i could read that part…


Where do you get the assets though? Crazy stuff man but you’re GOOD.


thats pretty cool tho hey comin out wih more of them