Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Fighting Giants With Certain Characters

Okay, so I was playing TvC online earlier today and I decided to go Kaijin no Soki and Joe the Condor for fun. My opponent (who I had beaten down multiple times earlier) decided to go with Gold Lightan all of a sudden.

I almost had the game by utilizing Joe the Condor’s level 1 down forward special, but my opponent figured out how to block it after a little while. I lost while he had only a little health left.

All I am wondering is if you’re not using characters like Tekkaman Blade or Ryu (who can hit giants from a long rage) how are you supposed to counter these giants?

there’s a few ways, let me just say with Soki, you don’t really have too much, I may be mistaken, but the only useful thing I’ve seen from Soki is his Issen (6CxxAB) which sometimes crosses up.

condor has some really good tools though, your best option is to zone with shuriken. However, if you’re good at reading your opponent, you can immobilize giants with Wild Lasso (Charge back, foward Medium). If it touches them, it’s an immediate knockdown and you can space out some more. Condor’s level 3 I believe is invincible on startup, so you could use it to counter a giant starting to attack you.

outside of that, I guess experience, if I’m using soki, polimar, or roll, I feel pretty hopeless, but the rest of the cast can juggle giants or freely throw them if they know when to abuse giants.

something else worth noting is that anytime a giant is in hitstun (flashing red), any additional attack that touches them is unblockable

Yeah what he said about joe, try to zone with your shuriken or your guns. Level 3 super (hcb+2 attacks) does have invincibility, so use that when you’ve got 3 meters and he’s trying to attack you. With soki, just go A, df+C, and then jump cancel and block immediately. Jump cancelling a launcher like that lets you block right away, and soki has good range on his normals, so it’s particularly useful for him. Don’t use oni mode though, it’s pretty useless in this matchup.

Honestly, if you’re not using a character that has one of the following:

  • a command throw
  • some kind of attack that can break their hyper armor and set up a juggle (preferably one that doesn’t require meter)

you’re going to have a hell of a time against any giant player who knows what they’re doing. A long-range projectile/keepaway game often isn’t good enough by itself because a good PTX will stay on top of you anyway.

It’s “possible” to fight them without these tools (light > launcher > air block works, as noted above), but it’s a frustrating war of attrition at best.

What about PTX? How do you fight something that has a super with INEVITABLE guard crush ability?

Pick Zero like Marn and lame it out. :smiley:

haha I see. I TOTALLY forgot about Joe’s shuriken because I don’t use him very often and I was using him for fun that time. Anyways thanks for all the tips guys. My mains are usually Y-2, Ryu, or T. Blade anyways so I think I’m good.

Ugh, don’t remind me about giants. I main Roll and she is completely free against them. Just make sure at least one of your two characters can handle giants. If they both can’t, you’re in trouble.

I use Morrigan and attack with her missles and fireballs or whatever. All You have to worry about is hitting the ground she’s fun because you can keep her in the air mostly VIA her rocket pack or whatever her cape turns into. The worse thing that can happen is you get grabbed. Well the worst thing they can do to you but from there it’s all in your favor. Just break and fire missiles or her fireball attack. It’s also fun to do her Vector Drain attack and watch her pick up that giant robot and slam him. If not her I also use Chun-Li and just kick the hell out of him While I’m in the air. G-lightning or Gold Turd as I like to call him is easy.