Tatsunoko vs Capcom fightstick help!

I recently purchased the Tatsunoko vs Capcom fightstick for wii from a local gamestop. It is my first fightstick and I have lots of high hopes for it.

  1. the buttons do seem too sensitive for accurate use, especialy the X button. It sometimes goes off when i lightly have my finger resting on it which is personally the most comfortable and beneficial hand position.
  2. I was hoping to use a mayflash classic controller to PC adapter with PS3 and was wondering if anyone had experience with this.

I have had a bunch of these sticks because they were so cheap, and I was gutting them for my arcade cab and stuff. The buttons are Sanwa clones, and do a decent job of recreating the feel, which is very light to the touch, if you think these are too sensitive, wait till you try out real Sanwa buttons, you can almost breathe on them and they will register. You might want to look into Seimitsu buttons, as they need a little more pressure to register. AS for the adapter, yes it will work with the PS3 as I personally did this for a while, you will most likely want to swap the wiring on the inside to closer match the layout of the madcatz TE stick o something.

The Mayflash adapter leaves alot to be desired, There a number of issues with the mayflash adapter.
No Home Button use, and I think there a issue with one of the Z buttons.

That is Mayflash’s older Wii to usb adapter which is hit or miss for working on windows 7. Don’t get that adapter instead get the one below.

Here is there newer one which I personally own and works almost perfectly. Almost, because the home button doesn’t get recognized . http://www.amazon.com/Wii-Classic-Controller-Adapter-PC/dp/B0089O4EB0/ref=sr_1_2?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1360738495&sr=1-2&keywords=wii+classic+controller+to+usb

The button layout is [] = X–^= Y-- --R1= ZR- - - L1= ZL

                        Playsation's-X = A- -   -  -   O= B  -    -     -    R2= R  -     - -  -   L2= L

[edit] I fail at making nice looking button layout. Here is a picture


LOL about the fail!

Ok thanks for the help guys, I’ll get the newer adapter. But im still unsure of what i should do about the buttons if i was going to switch them is it easy to do with this stick?

Super easy, just open up the bottom, remove the quick disconnects, pop out the old, pop in the new, and reconnect the wires, no soldering required