Tatsunoko vs Capcom fightstick

Looks pretty good to me :slight_smile: It appears to have a sanwa JLF, but I like the art and whatnot. What do you guys think of the prototype?

Just looks like a madcatz SE with different button colors and artwork.

As long as it has Sanwa and not that knock-off crap like the SE I think it’s fine.

looks like a modded se

Looks good, I’m going to love the long cord and the fact that it is specifically for Wii. I won’t mind if I have to mod as long as it is priced like the SE…

the only hope and wondering is… is it a GC plug or wii adapter like (attach to wiimote)

looks like a wiimote plug in (like classic controller) cuz of home button.possible modding potential?

Really fucking disappointed that they just swapped art and pcb’s from the SFIV SE stick. I doubt it will have Sanwa parts either. I’m sure they’ll be selling for $80 too. I already picked up 2 Hori Wii Fight sticks for less than $60 but was hoping someone would make an official TvC stick and this just sucks. My feeling is that every stick for every fighting game for the next 2 years in the US will be made by Madcatz and they will just keep using their SE shell like Hori recycles the hell out of theirs. Damn just damn it…

At least it’s easily moddable, no desoldering to worry about.

the art looks tight on it

I love the SE stick and brought it for the size, it is a great case. I have a Wii and don’t really want to do any type of dual modding so this is perfect. There is nothing wrong with mad catz making sticks the design is good, and it shows that they will be available from now on. That could only be a plus and would push developers to make more games for all these sticks to play with.

I agree. I don’t mind MadCatz using the same SE base (or even parts) because it is so easy to mod. This is the big difference from Hori’s constant rehashes because those are A LOT harder to mod.

The artwork on it is nice. I have no sticks for the Wii so i’ll go with this one if they do release it.

What’s wrong with them using the SE? I don’t think its feasible to come up with a completely new design. Horii been using the same HRAP form factor since PS1, so its annoying coming from them. While it would be awesome for Mad Catz to make a completely new design, it is not ideal when you consider costs for r&d and manufacturing.

I’ll eat my words if they at least put Sanwa parts in there and a compartment to place your wiimote in.

If it’s plug into wiimote… That could be a problem for tourneys. Wireless and all.

MadCatz understands the community, they made sticks easy to mod and realize that they could help restore fighting games to their proper status. They need the game cube plug…

PS2 actually, the HRAP1 came out in 2004

Looks nice but if its ANTHING like the SF4 SE then its complete FAIL, that stick was absolute TRASH. Just bc it looks good doesnt mean it is, its like having a supermodel girlfriend who rides the shortbus to her photoshoots…

is that the real one since i has a ps3 home button (the wii on is blue and it has a square in the center of the house i think)? for some reason that pic just looks like a modded ps3 se sf4 fight stick since the art isnt aligned at the bottom either.

well you can tell it’s a plug into the wiimote by looking at the top left panel and on the right button, you see a home icon. and GC controllers can’t controll wii menu functions anyways.