Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for the US

Yeah I don’t know who gives a shit or if it’s been posted or not since I can’t search but yeah.
Hopefully I’m not an asshole that fails at links, just do the srk anger bash and I’ll fix it
Got them from this thread off this forum if anyone was curious:http://vt.klicart.com/showthread.php?p=584064

Hmm… seems credible, but how?.. i heard that the Tatsunoko status in the US was a copyright hell.

still have too buy a wii and a stick though.

Sadly, the fact that it wasn’t available to the US normally was not one of the reasons I didn’t want to play it.

I’m sure some people will be happy though.

YEA!!! My Wii was collecting some dust. Now I dont have to bother modding my wii. Toodles MC Cthulhu here I come.

Will definitely buy again, if decent netcode is included in this version of the package deal.

But seriously…after all those times of having to tell people “don’t hold your breath”, never have I been happier to be proven wrong, for once. XD

(Yes I imported and did the twilight hack just for this game)

Oh well it’s all good, hopefully with this the TVC scene will grow.

-EX :cool:

Dunno, I’m just the messenger.

nice, guess s-killian was right!

Will be buying it. Damn 09 is beasting with the fighting games.

Well now I need a stick… thats really badass. I wanted to get into to this. I played it at Sinsation and wanted to get into and couldent get the hack, then everyone seemed to give up on it by later tournys.

This would be quite interesting. I wonder if there will be any changes…

PS2 or X-Box 360 port please.

Sorry, as much as i’d like to play it, I am not buying a Wii for 1 game. No offense Wii owners, there is just nothing else exclusive to the system that i’d want to play right now(and thus justify buying another console for).


I can do the MC fix to my Cthulhu sticks but I’d rather not.

Yeah I hope this is coming to 360… dont want to buy more sticks… -_-;

^ Same here, I just want a PS3 port or something.

Huh. Looks like a believable scan, but I don’t get hyped until I see it for myself.

I already own the game… so I’m gonna be a bit stuck with deciding whether or not to buy an American release unless it has netcode.

If it has netcode (quite possible to happen… whether or not it does remains unseen)… then I’ll gladly buy the game. Otherwise… I’d only get it to support American sales numbers.

When I made my stick… I designed it to work with PS2/PS3/360… and with the cheap adapter… a Wii version is no problem for me on that front.

Multi-console sticks are worth the extra investment. Same stick no matter the system used in a given environment.

Yo is there a PS2 to Wii adapter?

Hellz yes. Mayflash sells a PS2->GCN adapter on the cheap at Play-Asia. That’s what you use. It’s what I use.

It even works with the Mayflash arcade stick (which is crap stock, but it has an awesome PCB since it’s common ground and has connections for both PS2 and PS3… with PC support)… and that PCB doesn’t work with every adapter on the market… but it works with this easily accessible

Get that adapter. So worth it.

This is actually hella surprising. But seriously, a next gen port (360, PS3) would increase sales drastically.