Tatsunoko vs Capcom Help

Hey everyone. I just made an account here in hopes of learning from the pro’s and taking in any and every useful bit of info to try to not be so ungodly bad at fighting games in general, but more so Tatsunoko vs Capcom. I just recently picked up this game since m and all my friends wee looking for another great vs game to play other than super smash bros brawl. Since I have recently purchased this game, I’ve quickly realized that I am horrid and I get my ass kicked about 90% of the time and it makes me want to die in a fire. Majority of my friends have alot of fighting game experience as I do not, so I suppose I’m already a bit hindered in that respect but…I just can’t quite figure this one out. I’ve watched Keits’ 10 minute primer video on youtube.com god knows how many times now trying to understand and learn the basics, but I must be missing something. I’m having a very hard time blocking light punches into low attacks, then i get thrown into the air and get manhandled with some nasty air raid combo for like 678297476894206 billion damage. Even if I do manage to block and not get totally murdered, I can’t seem to return the favor fast enough before taking it in the face again. The 6 characters I’m really itching to get good with are Ryu, Jun the Swan, Batsu, Cashan, and both Tekkamans. Are their certain teams I should be looking into for each set? Who links up the best with assist’s into hyper combos? What are good basic combo’s that utilize the baroque system well? I mean, we are taking real basic stuff here, but maybe I’m missing something. Any sort of information or guidance will be very very much appreciated. I’m really excited to hear what you pros have to say and I am looking forward to taking what I’m given and trying my best to understand and use it to my advantage. Thank you in advance for the help and also for having such an awesome website and forums for noobs like me to get help and not get railed 100% of the time. :smiley:

Oh yeah, 1 more thing. Anytime any of my friends play Alex in T v C, I get completely destroyed in a horrible horrible embarrassing fashion. What gives? He just seems unstoppable. Thanks!


i don’t know an awful lot about tvc but running like hell away from alex seems to work. poke him from far away or shoot him or whatever.

the other stuff is less specific so i can help a bit more there. defense is actually a lot easier than you’d think. don’t press anything, just be patient while they’re attacking. block everything low until you see either an opportunity to go on the offensive yourself or something that can only be blocked high. as a general rule, anything that needs to be blocked high is much slower. practice with the computer and just try to block everything for as long as you can. it’s not the greatest defense practice in the world, but you can do it on your own and you sound like you’d still notice a marked improvement.

for offense, training mode is really useful, especially at your level and with games like tvc. i have a feeling you just try and find the most damaging combos possible, but there are so many more things to worry about when coming up with good attack strings. big damaging combos are good when the enemy leaves himself wide open, but more often than not, your combos are going to have to start with a quick low attack. they’ll do less damage, but they won’t leave you wide open, and they’re way more likely to hit.

it’s easy to tell if the guy is blocking in tvc, so you should come up with what to do when your attack is blocked (you usually have to do something different), and then worry about where you are and how much super meter you have.

what controller option are you using? GC pad? Classic Controller? i would highly suggest getting an arcade stick for this game. it becomes so much better

I’d start by checking this [media=youtube]-2iyi2pEwSY"[/media]…it’s a very good tutorial when trying to get into TvC and understand the baiscs of what you are able to do.

He already said he’s watched it, although I understand you didn’t want to read that post… No spacing hurts eyes.

Anyway, you should probably head to the TvC subforum.

Spacing would’ve helped better in catching that tidbit…

A handy link! :angel:/


Thank you everyone for the tips! I will most surely check out that TvC subforum. To Answer your question Plik, I use the classic controller, the D-pad feels better than most. (At least mine does) Will an arcade stick make that big of a difference? Oh yeah, sorry about the non-spacing, it was 4:00 AM and I had just gotten my ass kicked all night at that game so i was typing with some rage behind it lol. Anyway, Thank you again. I will post back here after I have read up some of that forum for TvC.

The CC does have a great d-pad. As for stick, it will take a while to learn if you’ve never used one before. You’ll suck for a while, and everything will feel really weird. But once you get a hang of it it’s great. It does not however magically skyrocket your skill, so don’t expect that.

Oh trust me, I don’t. Lol…