Tatsunoko vs Capcom Madcatz Fightstick

I have had the stick for a week or 2, havn’t touched it yet, i hear the buttons and stick are more efficient than the SF4 SE Stick. I want to be sure because after only like 10 uses of the old SF4 SE fightstick the buttons got sticky, and hit only 50% of the time. Also the joystick became stiff and sticky as well. After talking to madcatz they gave me a free stick and told me how to clean the buttons but id rather not. I have extra sanwa parts JYT 8Y Joystick, and OBSF-30 buttons. Does the new wii stick play like the SF4 Tournament Edition but looks like the Special Edition? And does the Sanwa Parts even fit into this stick just like the others? I want to know before i get the game?

Somebody respond to me!!!

I’m not sure what you do to make your stick sticky…

The TvC stick is essentially the SF4 SE stick with better components (so i’ve heard, I don’t own a SE stick). granted, it won’t be the same as the TE stick since it’s not using Sanwa parts - but there are many positive reviews of it (read the Tech sections of the forum). Modifying it should be the same as modifying the SF4 SE.

I have the new Marvel vs Capcom stick for PS3 and the TE SF4, those sticks are saweeeet. Just tried out the stick today, works pretty well but i think i might swap the buttons, sometimes it doesn’t hit when i want to swap characters. Has ne one else had problems

How does everyone else like the fightstick??? only one problem with swapping and assisting characters.

I have like 5 sticks already lol but I went ahead and got this since it’ll be my only Wii stick. I’m thinking of taking the joystick out of one of the TE’s and I have 8 brand new buttons laying around so I might mod it this weekend. It does feel kind of “sticky” and the stick feels really really tight. I had to get a NA version of the Wi tonighti so I could finally play this in English and I’m setting it up right now, will let know how well stick works. Its gotta be better then the JP stick they released…yikes.

YES, my swap and assist button shorted out after one use.

Any one swap buttons yet? I havn’t had ne more since i cleaned my button, just wondering if the timing is better or hits land more often during big combos

I’m currently trying to shift the buttons on my TVC stick. The white buttons are much better then the blue ones for some reason, but I can only use two outta the four white ones. ZL and ZR are not mappable for gameplay.

i’ve ordered semitsu buttons and stick because the stick and buttons as standard are just horrible :frowning: