Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


Hey Everyone, Wii finally gets a taste of Street Fighter, and I am at a lose of words, to describe to you the complete mayhem that is this game( Just great looking). If this is online we should defenitley throw some matches down. If M. Bison is in this game I will Unleash Death Upon Arrival.lol


Don’t get your hopes up until official confirmation…That’s all I gotta say


Bison might not be added on the game dude lol
i have the japanese version of the game and
iam also going to get the Us version for the many changes and wifi lol


actually wi-fi would probably be the wiis answer to ps3 and 360 MVC2 (if confirmed)
NO M.BISON street fighter already has 3 reps it dosnt need anothr


There’s already a character from Street Fighter, Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III. What about Street Fighter IV?

C. Viper…hell yeah.

Automatic top tier. What ya’ll know about A, B, C, into thunder knuckle, baroque, A, B, C, thunder knuckle into burst time?


i can see that as a slight possibility just because crimson is from SF and they could use the character slots on someone like jon talbain or possibly someone from plasma sword.


That might be a possibility since got rid some characters from jap version


Hey i forgot to tell you to delete yourself off my friends list!!! No room for haterz sorry man!!


Jon Talbain?! That’s random, lol. They should give us Demitri or something. Then again, Morrigan’s already in there to take up the Darkstalkers spot unless they put in another Darkstalkers character and label it as Darkstalkers II or whatever the sequel is really called (I get confused with the US and Japanese Darkstalkers / Vampire series).

A character from Plasma Sword would be cool though. Hayato (whom is also in MVC2) would fit in the game nicely.

Or they can give us a dinosaur from Red Earth, lol.


Yeah theres no room for chat/finding rankers that are to pussy to face me even tho my rank is vastly lower then yours. Pathetic, no room for cheaters on this forum either so get out of here man!!!


Do any of ya guys own the jap version other than me? O_o




I was at E3 and I talked with Capcom while I was there.

There will be online play.

They are “likely” (their words) to add new characters.

Just wanted to set that straight.


Awesome ^^ can’t wait for the release


actually yes i do (region free iz fckn great)

YES TALBAIN lol. but mayb they should add one of the original mvc2 characters(ruby heart, amingo, monkey girl. let me kno if im missin any1 else.


nothing is official yet…
u heard it from them that Online Play is confirmed?

i hope it has good net-coding
Brawl, has horrible online play 4 the Wii

if TvC has online-play like that (button lag)
when it comes to online play on a Fighting Game, a lag free net-coding is critical
HD remix, has great online-play
feels like ur playing right next to the player (Same goes with SF4)
only when u come across a player with a bad connection, online play becomes the enemy rather than the player

im not even gonna bother rebuying TvC if it has Online play like Brawl


Yes, I heard it from Capcom people that TVC will have online play.


he is right


Maybe it’s ported to other consoles eventually too? I’d like to play gatchaman. The E3 demo video looked like MvsC2 alot.


Capcom’s already said no to PS3/360 ports of TvC. They hinted at it being possible a sequel would hit those two if TvC does well stateside.