Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


Just comming to say TvC online is just SHIT!!! … hahaha nintendo sucks in online gaming, if you planning to buy this game to play online, don’t wate your money it just suck!!.. no worth it… is just shit… ( i tried hard, first i thought i was b/c i was playing with a wireless connection, so i bought the LAN adapter, and it made no difference!, same lag shit!) … so, nintendo i’m returning everything, the Game and everything i spend money on just to play the game, there is no point to have the game just to be beatiing the CPU.



Honestly who takes playing online seriously? There isn’t 1 single fighting game that plays flawless online atm. Everyone knew before hand that there was going to be lag issues, especially on a free network like Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. I don’t know what rock you live under but get out of your house. Find your local fighting game community and play the game how real fighting gamers play. The online feature is just there for kicks so relax.


1st. i dnt live in under any rock, maybe that’s your story.
2nd. I do play with my fightin game community, we have sessions constantly.
and 3rd. its not like taking the online playing “seriously”, its more like i was looking foward to have fun playing online like i do in my other systems. I’m not asking for a lag free connection i’m just asking for at least a “decent” connection, i know its free, sony is too, and its conection its 100X better that wi-fi.
where does the word fun fit when you have to input your moves 3 seconds before they come out?


^ You do know that your experience with the connection is situational…right? There’s been plenty of people who have had lagless connections with their games along with lag.


I’m getting pretty lagless matches.




I had my TE modded and now it works for 360, PS3, PS2 & Wii


If you’re not gettiogn full speed in any of your games (ruling out the possibility that it’s isolated opponents) your connection is most likely awful. I’ve played the game both wireless and wired, and it almost always ran full speed. The issue with lag is with the input delay, which the wired adapter helped considerably. games with people at least somewhat close on a good connection are damn good, games with people further away are quite a bit noticeably worse


Online runs fine for me and I’m using a wireless Nintendo USB connector. I can’t expect perfect, lagless gameplay, of course, but it does just fine to me. Some matches are really laggy, but the only thing I experience is some slight input delay like some others in this thread. It has very playable online in my opinion, especially if you set it to “Local” instead of “Worldwide”.

Can’t expect too much from online though, it’s not going to be perfect, and it’s just a way to play others without leaving your house and have fun. It’s better than having no online option at all.


r0k, you must be playing a different game than everyone else, cause my matches have been also been running smooth as fuck. You might want to return your wireless router instead.


i dont play wireless, i bought the adapter and I even plug it in directly to the modem. and most matches are laggy as hell, o well maybe u guys have a 1T internet conection (LOL?)


Lag is bad. :sad:
Lagging ragequitters are worse. :mad:
But lagging giant using ragequitters take the cake. :arazz:


Forget that. I don’t care who I’m fighting as long as they’re performing their own shit. The abundunce of wiimote and nunchuck users is making Ranked Mode a joke. I thought we was playing the Magic series, not Smash Bros.


HAhahahaha u made my day …

OK… let me try something, someone near me (NY) wanna get some games so see if we can get some games without lag?


I run on the wireless side and beside a few laggy match is all good. Only 1 issue that keep plaguing me is the input lag as most every1 else feel is HORRIBLE!


@ OuttaP yo i feel the same way. my shit runs kind of smooth except for the button lag.


Mines is most of the time good.
BTW anyone looking to fight a 12 year old. My fc is 4598-0965-3881
I’m a Super Champ just so you know I’m not a piece of crap. :wrink:


What a guess on the rival feature, I’m ESP I think?
So this game is the f#ckin best people. I’m trying to learn all the combos for Frank West(fav char), and Tekkaman. Chun Li and Ryu are an awsome combination as always. I love Chun Li in this game… she is badass!!! I like to bring out the /
Chun Li/Morgan team because they make my mouth water…lol. I think I might like this game more then SF4 dare I say? Noooo I can’t say that now can I?


This game is getting a lot of positive hype.

I haven’t yet found the incentive to try it yet.


Hey anyone up for a few matches online sometime, hit me up- Average Player


RIP Nintendo WFC

I never played anyone online in this game, still love it to death though.