Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


Sup guys quick question if you pre order on Amazon will do they ship your game today or early tomorrow morning?
Also i just start a code thread for TvC so when you get online post your codes. Thanks in adv peace.



They even exist yet? Not been able to find one anywhere.


No they do not, lol :lol:


Just picked my copy up at lunch. Just reading through the book pumped me up… can’t wait to get home, blow the inch of dust of my Wii, and get to it. Even took a day off to unlock everyone…


Just picked it up! goiing on right now!


Well I picked up my copy at lunch today. I checked out training mode and then went on-line for 2 games and wow what a cool game. Also my connection with my opponent was just as good as my ps3 or 360. My Wii unlike my ps3 and 360 has a wirelss connection. The game played fine. Cant wait to dig into it more tonight. I also cant wait until I get my ps2 to wii converter. Playing with th wii mote isnt great. I guess I could use my gamecube controller until it comes.


well there needs to be a 360 to wii/ gamecube converter then!! :smiley:

and if anybody wants to play hit me up via aim/msn/xbl/here lol


i played like 4 games online. but my experience wasnt so good as expected, the lag is horible!!! … is like playing in slow motion … lol well maybe is my conection, i ggot to check that


So what’s online like? How’s the button lag and stuff? Who’s the flowchart character(s)? Lots of Ragequits?


Once in a while, there’s lag. (Like 1 in every 6). If it don’t lag, there’s no button lag. There hasn’t been a lot of overused characters except Ryu. You can tell you’re playing a pro by the characters he’s picking. (This is if you’re facing someone with the title “beginner”)


ummmmmmmmm, do you uys play wired or wireless? … cuzz i dont have the adapter so i play i wirelless , the gameplay online is pretty good but i cant get the full speed of the game, is slower i miss all my fancy combos, but still is fun … do you uys get the full speed with a wire connection?


i play wireless and out of the 10 or so matches one lagged bad and 1 other there was input delay. other than that all good.


just played online and it is not good. the game doesnt lag much but theres button lag like crazy. overall a very great game but online is not too good.


wired or wireless. if wireless are you dmzed ?


Just comming to say TvC online is just SHIT!!! … hahaha nintendo sucks in online gaming, if you planning to buy this game to play online, don’t wate your money it just suck!!.. no worth it… is just shit… ( i tried hard, first i thought i was b/c i was playing with a wireless connection, so i bought the LAN adapter, and it made no difference!, same lag shit!) … so, nintendo i’m returning everything, the Game and everything i spend money on just to play the game, there is no point to have the game just to be beatiing the CPU.



Honestly who takes playing online seriously? There isn’t 1 single fighting game that plays flawless online atm. Everyone knew before hand that there was going to be lag issues, especially on a free network like Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. I don’t know what rock you live under but get out of your house. Find your local fighting game community and play the game how real fighting gamers play. The online feature is just there for kicks so relax.


1st. i dnt live in under any rock, maybe that’s your story.
2nd. I do play with my fightin game community, we have sessions constantly.
and 3rd. its not like taking the online playing “seriously”, its more like i was looking foward to have fun playing online like i do in my other systems. I’m not asking for a lag free connection i’m just asking for at least a “decent” connection, i know its free, sony is too, and its conection its 100X better that wi-fi.
where does the word fun fit when you have to input your moves 3 seconds before they come out?


^ You do know that your experience with the connection is situational…right? There’s been plenty of people who have had lagless connections with their games along with lag.


I’m getting pretty lagless matches.




I had my TE modded and now it works for 360, PS3, PS2 & Wii