Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


Online confirmed guys, hope I don’t have to add friends code.


That’s true and possible that I will be ported and yes it will be a hit since there’s online play


Says they’re trying to incorporate online…and the new characters have been 100% confirmed. I still don’t want to get hopes up on online until it’s 100%.

Still hype though!


they better add online play>.<


Read what i fucking said!

There will be online play!

There will probably be new characters!

There will not be a 360/ps3 port!

Thread over!


i know dude >.> sheesh lol




>.>lol yea we know


Movesets will be rebalanced?


Yes there will be changes to it


Thread over? No way. Who is getting added? I would love talbain. It would interest me a lot if he was in the usa version.


I’m just stating what the guy from Capcom said. I certainly hope they’re able to put it in and I’m just sceptic on it. I can see Capcom later on saying ‘Online? huh? What you talkin bout?:confused:’ if it ends up not working out the way they intended.


john Taliban is my fav character in Darkstalker(vampire)series that would awesome :slight_smile:


Yeah that would be cool! This is kinda “out there” but how about Jyl Valentine. (Shes in MvsC2 lol)


that would be nice tough lol XD


the worst part is i just bought Tatsunoko imported 3 months ago. :frowning:


Wow I got it last year at least u can play the genie since he’s not in the U.S version


I suppose that character would be a bit out there…Now Jill Valentine would probably be more likely.


True lol it would nice


Dictator would be sweet. :shy: