Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


all i want in the new version is more characters cough STRIDERcough
more stages, minigames, and online GGPO ( heck if its SF4 netcode ill be ok even if it is a bitch to play online with)

as far as balance and tweaks go even if you manage to “fix” stuff from the previous version the new characters are bound to be broken so i see no point, just give some characters more options to deal with karas bullshit, take out the obvious glitch bugs ( viewtiful joe glitch, soki karas OTG glitch, and all the other minor stuff ) and you will have yourself an even better game, altho i dont mind the current version already it just needs a bit of polish to make it shine.


true dat


indeed is anyone going to buy the special TVC Wii Hori Arcade Stick?
After its release on the US


Why get the Hori when MadCatz is bringing out an SE stick for the Wii? At the very least, that one’s gonna be easier to modify with Sanwa parts since you wont have to do any physical modifications to get the JLF to fit into the casing.


lets hopeso for the best


I considered getting the Hori stick, until I decided to multiconsole mod my SF4 TE stick.


Did the same as well. One stick for everything (well, almost everything).


i might just get the normal one and customize it xP


maybe. BUT, how about probably adding one of the new capcom chars from MVC2???


Ruby or Amingo FTW.

Regardless of Netcode I’ll still probably play this online unless it’s totally impossible.


for those roooting for talbain. I highly doubt that will happen. Would be nice though


hell yea T-T


no jedah ftw! him and karas would steam roll ppl plus dante or zero! they need to take out alex worest character.


I really want Mike Hagger with all his throws from slammasters


I still hope they add in Rouge. It’s time for Power Stone to get some rep.


Nice I would love to see Guy or Haggar from Final Fight.

But question I just pre-ordered TVC from Gamestop and they told me it won’t be out till January 1st 2010! Looked online and found Dec 11 and Dec 30 2009.

I’m guessing Capcom has not given a firm date yet?


no there isn’t a firm date yet.


got the japanese game its and really sick. What are the changes gonna be on the US release? I know theres online but are there gonna be any new chars? (hopefully- then id get that too lol)

plus, if there is online, who do you think will be top tier in that game xp

my vote goes to Friender- thats right, the dog.


this shit is gonna be mad ill. Cant wait for it


I do =)