Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


I do too


i do


I do.

But I still put in a pre-order for the U.S. version.


I do, but I havent really touched it much, for the same reason that I havent touched KoF XII for - noone to play with =/


“Licensing issues involving Tatsunoko characters initially forced the game to remain a Japanese exclusive. However, Capcom worked to deal with these issues leading the Wii game to be localized outside of Japan”

Localization is when you change a game/software so that it is allowed to be released or sells better in the region you’re going to sell it in. These changes could be completely game changing or it could be as simple as just translating the text. e.g. L4D taking out idle zombies in the german version because it resembles mercy killing or pokemon gold changing the UI so it reads more horizontally.

I’ve heard that they were removing some characters from the tatsu roster. I dont know if this is true or false but it would make a lot of sense if they did that while added more characters that are recognizable to the American audience.


yea there just getting rid of one character from that Tat’s side
and replacing with either 3 or 4 more characters

and i got the jap version


which tatsunoko character is being removed? anyone good?



A pulled press release was supposed to have announced that he would be replaced by another character, in addition to 4 other characters (2 Tatsu, 2 Cap) to balance out the cast.


its a genie dude lol
and thats about it >.>


Fingers crossed about the online being good. Also crossed about the new characters being awesome ones.


i might check this game out. its like mvc2,right?


did they confirm online for this?


Well, in spirit yes. They play differently though (in terms of basic strategy and how assists are used)

It’s an enjoyable game though. Just don’t jump in expecting MvC2 with differnt characters and you’ll have fun. :wgrin:


AI has tvc??


Up + Up + Down + Down + Left + Right + Left +Left + A +b = lol


yes, they just got it a couple weeks ago. It is running in the cab that had Blazblue in it.


I might have to stop by sometime. :smiley:

And what happened to blazblue? They didn’t get rid of KOFXII, did they?



Blazblue is now where KOF XII was. No, they didn’t get rid of KOF XII. they bought a brand new Viewflix cabinet for it.


in the Us there will be but in the jap no


Have they made any indication whether it will require friend codes (really hoping it doesn’t)