Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


actually Japan may be getting our release of the game before we do with the extra characters, rebalance tweaks and online.


yea thats true i heard about them re-releasing the game in japan




posted in the wii thread and TGS thread by chairhome…

Frank West in TVC!




He looks freakin sweet!

Is the rumor about Zero being in the game still a rumor ?


I really hope this game isnt laggy like SSBB


I think they said recently at TGS that Japan gets it a couple days after us. Also, there’s worldwide online.


If Tekkaman Blade and Frank West were included in the list of the leaked characters and were evidently confirmed, chances are Ai-chan, Joe the Condor, and Zero will be officially announced at some point in the future unless Capcom decides to change their minds last minute, so don’t shut down that rumor just yet… I’m betting that they’re all official.


too bad wii’s online fails.



Sad part is , Nintendo can’t improve on it. I’ll save that rant for another time…

I just hope TvC works out fine. I can’t expect amazing but hopefully it’s AT LEAST playable. (

Brawl gets ridiculous sometimes :crybaby:

I’m talking about the lag. TvC is a beastly game over all though :party:


thats true right there i think the online might do okay i think

and its about time the Wii gets a good fighting game
and it should be exclusive for the wii

and plzzz i dnt want zero


I cant even play brawl online… a main reason i dont play anymore (that and brawl + is soooo much better)

^^ how can you NOT want Zero?!??!


I know there gonna nerf my boy Karas :rofl:

I hope Zero turns out to be a fuckin monster as well lol


I have a huge feeling this is going to bomb hard. I really think this is a waste of time on capcom’s part to get all of the licenses together. They should have just released a JP version that had English and make it region free. Plus is this game has no online it will bomb as well. I’m pretty sure capcom realizes that if there is no online it will bomb. Look at KOF12. The online sucks so no one plays it anymore.


HELL YEA BRAWL + kicks ass!


just wait till tvc comes out. ya’ll goin get raped:confused::sad::sweat:


^ I will perfect you scrub.

you are the worst fighting game player EVER. ALL GAMES.



ha ha ha ha ha there is NO escape for gimpy…I guess I can come in here and Join snnaakke on the hunt because it is funny…

POWNED all the freakin way to the moon…


Glad to hear you’re using this: I plan to keep it much more aggressively up-to-date than has been the case in the past, but don’t hesitate to let me know if you find errors or need clarifications.:party:

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I really dont see how this online is gonna work bc Wii’s online is pretty trash, unless Capcom dumps alot of time an money(which is hopeful since the release of this game was pushed waaaay off) to upgrade the online community of Wii for this game specificlly. An yea Karas got nerfed an im fairly sure Zero wont be super beast(if they learned their lesson from Karas in the Jp version). I do think that Tekkaman blade is gonna be alil op just from what ive seen in his demos.