Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


Mario Kart wii online is pretty good. Friend codes are always annoying if you just wanna play with friends, but I found the speed at which a room came together in the non-friend mode to be pretty good, and the actually gameplay to be quite smooth.

How is the conduits netcode/overall online experience - thats the newest wii game w/ online play that I can think of.


Cant wait to play this online, aslong as it is good online that is.

Mario Kart Wii netcode is :tup:


Everyone keeps saying how wii online is trash, but the only game that was unplayable to me was Brawl. And the only reason it was trash was because the developers didn’t give a damn about online play. They even state it in an interview.

I’ve played call of duty, mario kart, conduit, and mario strikers online and they all ran great. Just like playing with friends at your house. So I wouldn’t worry about the netcode, i’m sure it will be playable.

The only thing I WOULD worry about are the online features.

  1. Probably no rooms to watch other people play.
  2. Fighting someone who’s great at the game and you can’t even see his name.
  3. Fuckin friend codes.


i tried wii mario kart online it worked fine. didnt notice any lag or anything at all even with 16 players. cant see why tvc would be “TRASH!!!” online. game itself is ass though. controls is bad…so bad…


Im not sure about how possible some of the things you mention would be, but there is one setting that may interest you, if you havent seen it already

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Have a WIRED CONNECTION and it will change alot, or so says very important people!!

Wii Nyko Net Connect found here: http://vpgames.com/p-894-wii-nyko-net-connect-lan-network-ethernet-adapter-for-nintendo-wii.aspx will be the answer for an online that people are happy about.

Tell your friends and get one for yourself as well!


I’m gonna be pissed because there probably won’t be stat tracking the ability to create private rooms or voice chat.

And of course, friend codes. If the game is rated T and intended for people who are over 13 you think they’d have the sense to NOT blurt out their social security number (or whatever other reason FCs exist.)


Hey everyone on my old ass thread! I haven’t responded for a long time, but it’s good to see it’s not dead yet?

Friend codes are whack, so I think they should include a rival feature ( Metroid Prime Hunters )…?


Oh yea?!

I can’t wait for the arcade stick for Tatsunoko Vs CAPCOM! That will be my love and key to gettin some records out there!


^ There’s going to be an arcade stick? or are you just saying stuff?


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Yup, it’s confirmed.


this is going to be cool, all we gotta do is just wait.


You can also get one from here, here, andhere. I wonder if there are any speed differences between them.


^thank you helping other out. Someone should +rep you for being helpful. I can not because I no option to do so. the more help we give to peolpe the better this online will be. To be honest I really do not know what the difference is in the different products.

Some are made by nintendo and say nintendo, others are completly off brand and just so happen to work with nintendo, while others like the nyko one are made by a company for nintendo. Do not know if they hold any actual working difference



well whatever I wanted to get a stick for my Wii anyway so I guess this would be as good a time as any.


Do you guys know if the Wii TvC stick will plug into the Gamecube port or not? I’d like to get a pair of sticks for my Wii, but Classic Controllers don’t support GC :frowning:


^Sorry but no all wii sticks are wireless like the classics. This thread here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=201254 will tell you all the Wii (wireless plugs in the wii mote) sticks

It is one page and tells you all the fight sticks found for the Wii.


those r cheaper on ebay if you want a stick or post here to buy one or get a wii converter and use 2 ps2 sticks


I have a Saulabi for the ps3, can it to work with this somehow? HELP