Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


Actually this is the chaepest place to find a wii hori: http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/Prod...oduct_id=66335

Just type in you zip coder and it will tell you where one is close to you. within 100 miles

It does not look like PS3 and XBOX360 sticks work with the wii yet. Sorry


DOES ANYONE WANT TO TRADE MY SAULABI 4k for ANY arcade stick that would work with a ps2 and gamecube?


Im still juss waitin to see of this Stick/Game pack actually exsists…crossin my fingers


yea there going to release the stick for the wii
i think it will come out upon the game’s release :wonder:
its from Madcatz



anyone down to level up with me when this comes out?


I’m up for it. I haven’t got a wii yet but I plan on getting it for this game


Actually, monkey girl was from an old Capcom game (I think it was only in Japan) titled SonSon. Except the main character was a dude…wierd. Anyway, they better add ProtoMan.


Yeah Monkey Girl is SonSon.

Frank West man.


But the original SonSon didn’t have a girl monkey. And ProtoMan could own Frank West IMO.


C’mon man. It’s Frank West.

Either way, I’m pretty excited about the game. My Joe the Condor/Viewtiful Joe team should work nicely.


Please, calling Zombies with shopping carts will beat Energy swords any day. :rofl:


I was told the female SonSon in MVC2 is the grand-daughter of the original SonSon.

Also, my Alex and Doronjo team is planning on pwning the roster very hard.

Anyone repping the single-entries? Gold Lightan looks fun as hell but I know I’ll get serious ragequits when I play him. Were they banned in tourney play?


Just like Jill in MvC2 :lol:

Putting on a Servbot head and smashing you with zombies can beat a Shoryuken any day as well.

I was hoping for more wackiness, since Frank did get that Mega Buster in DR, what if they would have given him a Frank-doken or something? Just a thought.

Zombies>Energy Swords

And he’ll take pictures of it. He’s covered wars you know.


lol no

Not anywhere near bannable.


Oh. I thought there had to be some type of an inheritance. I wonder if Capcom 'll ever make a game off of her.


nah that wont be possible yet it would be okay :smile:


Didnt see this anywhere else in here but oh well if it was http://www.destructoid.com/what-are-phoenix-wright-and-ingrid-doing-in-tvc--158153.phtml needless to say Ingrid would be super random…hope they plan on some kinda explanation soon.


While it’s nice to have Phoenix in there (maybe?), I rather have no idea why Capcom would put Ingrid just for the sake of putting another obscure fighting character. But hey, it’s another lolita character…

It’s always possible that it’s another costume for Ryu…


…FUCK. I’m calling bullshit on it just for the sake of not wanting to get diappointed. But if this does end up being true than that’s over for a lot of people. Wright’s potential to be funnier than Frank West has no boundaries.


I read somewhere why they didn’t put Phoenix in. Had something to do with his movelist.

Frank West is the only reason I want this game. Well, not really, but he’s one of them.