Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


Yea they didnt put him for a couple reasons one bein that “Obejection” move, anyways i guess(from what ive read on the TvC discussion thread) that the link i posted above was additional stuff that was supposed to go in but didnt happen…even tho im still alil skeptic(from what i read from the TvC blog posted up on capcom-unity today) that it will indeed be in the game! Capcom are some sneaky folks!


Yeah, cause the kanji was four letters and translating it to English is ten letters. They said it’d be too overpowered lol. They should just keep in in Japanese, it is two Japanese companies after all…

At least that’s what I heard the reason was. I said I object.


I like how Lost Planet(VSs) and Okami(Boss?) will make cameos in this game! Lost Planet is my kind of game.


Yatterman-2 announced…and it sounds like theres more to come from the tone in Seth’s voice! http://www.capcom-unity.com/snow_infernus/blog/2010/01/05/secret_tatsunoko_vs_capcom_character_revealed


I don’t know, it sounded like he answered that question too quickly and had to take it back to keep the hopes up. However, I do think they’ve got to add at least another Capcom character. With the additional of iChan, the Capcom roster is outnumbered. Here’s hoping there’ll put Strider in to balance it out.


Yeah, agreed. Throw Strider, Jill, or Protoman in the mix and I’ll be more then happy.
This game looks so sickkk, I’m going to pick myself up one of those TvsC sticks. If it’s anything like the MvsC stick then its awsome!


Actually, Ai-chan evens the roster out. Capcom had one more fighter due to the loss of the genie from the original game.


Too many megaman characters!


Lol wut


Just incase anyone didnt catch it on any other sites or the other TvC thread they are takin pre-orders on the Tvc bundle(stick and game) on Unity http://shop.capcom.com/DRHM/servlet/ControllerServlet?Action=DisplayProductDetailsPage&SiteID=capcomus&Locale=en_US&Env=BASE&productID=170844300


you people keep forgetting that they never said the roster had to be even and at the unity event they just had they wouldn’t show the intro so something must be left. Besides in that interview he said super secret characters and we want know everything till release says alot:rock:


I know the roster doesn’t have to be even. In most Vs. games, it’s usually Capcom’s roster that outnumbers the other group. Doesn’t make sense for capcom to have more playable tatsunoko characters then Capcom characters when it’s their game.

EDIT: Wasn’t aware of the genie not being replaced. I thought I counted the same number of characters with both compaines on the wikipedia lists before Yatterman 2 was annouced. I probably misscounted.


does the jap version have online?




I cannot wait till this comes out. Got the stick and game preordered. Reviews on both look good so far.


no thats gonna be a positive seeing as he’s talking about the version that were all getting and the online is worldwide is what nintendo power said


arggg i cant wait for this game to come out!!! …

i have a question… how do u guys use a ps2 controller on the wii? i mean i bought the converter but when i tried to use it to play i cant make it work … :confused:


Already got my TvC stick…juss waitin for the game now!!! DAMN IM HYPE!!!


Got my stick in yesterday. How did the stock joystick feel to you? Mine has some play to it and my ball top turns. :shake: Not new to fighters but to sticks, so i’m not sure what to think. Played some smash bros with it and it worked fine.


got mine too, lovin the top of the board and the feel of it, already swapped my buttons and joystick to sanwa!!! STOKED