Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online


OBS-30 buttons, JYT 8Y Joystick… can also get this at www.lizardlick.com


Well i compared it to my SE which is modded an it feels pretty much the same, i mean it really juss comes down to personal preference an what feels more comfortable to you, like i posted in the other thread MadCatz def stepped their game up an and the new parts are lightyears better than what they offered in the SF4 SE. Im def gonna get my usage outta teh stock parts before i mod em out, that is unless i find some SEXY TvC templates!


Normal for any joystick AFAIK. The stock stick is a little stiffer than a JLF. It seems like a quality part to me.


Thanks for the responses. Now we wait…


THis IS good to know too, I’m new to the joystick usage and can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ve read too many confusing things about this stick vs a Hori and so forth.

Thanks for that Info!


out of curosity, where did you guys preorder your game? walmart has it for 46 and 10$ gift card.


ohh, just saw amazon has the same 10 dollars offer.


I preordered on Amazon.


I had my bundle pre-ordered from Capcom-Unity since the first day they had it. Its soooooooo close i can taste!


Good lookin out! Did my pre-order at Gamestop but I’m gonna change that to Amazon with the quickness. Gonna put that $10 towards NMH 2!


just got the stick day before yesterday, all I gotta do is just wait.


I just preordered tvc on amazon.com for 46.99. Can’t wait! However, I will be playing the game on wii classic controller lol …
Not certain If i should shell out the extra cash for stick … (80 dollars!!)


Thought id throw this in here for anyone who hasnt seen it, buy like 30 copies so we can get some DL characters!!! http://kotaku.com/5454192/the-lost-characters-of-tatsunoko-vs-capcom


can you cancel your preoder form gamestop??? i wanna preorder on walmart!, is that offer only online or also in stores?

NVM walmart is all sold out … waht about amazon? how much is the “same day” delivery or realease day delivery (something like that is called lol)


And theres already one infinite. Chun Li can do an air infinite with Tekkaman assit. It’s a jump punch land jump punch over and over again, corner to corner and she can switch directiosn with it. Works on Lightan.


Good shit, guys. Just ordered it on Amazon and gonna use the $10 credit toward the pre-order of SSF4. :tup:


love this game! mite need a 360 to wii converter tho so i can use my stick lol


You and me both :frowning:


two more day!! so hype!


Yeah, already know for a fact I’m going to adapt to this shit fast as hell.