Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Stick


I’ve only been able to find it for $90, not including shipping. Is it really that much better than the Hori? I have no problem paying that much if it’s expensive for the quality and not because japanophile collectors have too much money to waste. Has anyone tried both?


Ive heard the the TvC stick is horrible. The Hori is getting more praise.


Based on what people have said the Hori is better its the one I have and works good


Here’s a quick question: Is this game worth importing and modding your Wii for? Because I honestly don’t see myself importing any other Wii games.


The short answer…YES!!!


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Really? At sofmap (the main big game store here), they discounted the TvC sticks already. They’re at about 3000 yen, the Hori fighter stick is at about 4000, and the Exar Wii stick is discounted to 2000 yen.

TvC came out less than 2 months ago and the sticks are already almost half price…shows how they’re not as good as the regular Wii stick.


Yeah, from what i’ve heard those sticks are garbage and your better off getting the regular Hori stick for the wii.

I’m actually trying to sell one for cheap if your interested.


Well, I just got my Hori in the mail. Haven’t tried it out yet since I don’t have any games for the Wii yet (I really only bought it for TvC). I might be interested in your TvC stick just so I have a cruddy 2nd so my comp can’t bitch that they have to play pad. Also, it is true that downgrading will make it impossible to use the Wii Shop channel?


Would my HRAP 2 and Gamecube adapter work for TvC?




well i have a softmodded wii
PM sent on how and where to get it done!


Please don’t do this.

I mean seriously it didn’t need an announcement.



This. It’s relatively easy to do as compared to other softmodding methods for other systems.


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