Tatsunoko vs Capcom Thread V.3 - No homebrew/offtopic talk please

I guess we have been told that homebrew discussion isnt allowed in our TvC thread, **so take all questions about homebrew and wii modding to the tech talk forums. **

This game is for Wii, and ships on Dec 11th. It is currently not coming to any other system at all.

This game has FOUR buttons, configured in this layout:


(A) = Weak Attack
(B) = Medium Attack
© = Heavy Attack
(T) = Tag [sometimes called § for Partner, but its the same button]

(T) = Assist
Back+(T) = Tag out
(Attack)+(T) = Baroque Activation (uses all of your red life)
QCF+(T) = Aircombo Tag (uses 1 level of meter)
(A)+(B)+© = Dash shortcut (hold Up+Forward and do this to Instant Air Dash)
(A)+(B)+© while guarding = Advance Guard (Push Block)
(A)+(B)+©+(T) = Mega Crush (A combo breaker, takes 2 levels of meter and some Yellow life)
QCD+(T) while guarding = Variable Counter (an alpha counter tag, takes one meter)

It is also known that you can do a Variable Combination Super (Both characters super together), Delayed Hyper Combo (like MvC2), and Snapback (like MvC2).

All characters can double jump and air dash.

Launchers are all done using DF+©.

Specials can be canceled into Supers.

Just to let you all know a little more about Baroque;

Activation uses all of your Red life. The duration of the effect does not seem based on how much red life you had, it seems set. Activation cancels any special or normal move you were in into a nuetral state, so it works as a roman cancel. For the duration of the glowing on your character, you will deal bonus damage proportionate to the amount of red life you used to activate. In a combo, where hits are heavily scaled already, this is not as noticable. But consider punishing someone’s wiffed attack with a naked BAROQUE xx SHINKUU HADOUKEN. We saw this do 80% once at the Evo build. I dont know if things this dramatic can still happen in the final build, but you can bet your ass ill be testing it when I get my hands on it.

So a typical combo for any character is going to be

(Ground chain) -> (assist hits) -> (dash in a do same ground chain) xx (Baroque) -> (dash in and do the same ground chain) -> (launcher into air combo into super or just super)

Keep the discussion on topic.

2nd the TvC thread had been closed. Well anyways does anybody on Capcom side have command throws besides alex. because tastunoko has a couple Yatterman,tekkaman, and Karas. though there isn’t really a movelist to actually know who has what.

Also with that vid :[media=youtube]35X1NR2SbDM[/media]

Joe’s super when he has that cannon seems to take a while to actually hit doronjo. It will probably have some use as a Hyper Variable Combination to tag him in (Im not really sure if is the same as DHCing if someone whose played the game can correct me if i’m wrong)

I wish it wasn’t so expensive for us in the UK to get this game (or any other game for that matter), the current pund conversion crisis makes it roughly 10 extra each, for the game and stick. Kind of rediculous really, concidering all the other charges we get…

Here’re the “week” vids (as well as the original source)

Week 1 [media=youtube]LE5JvUJmMwk]Youtube or [Week 2 [media=youtube]35X1NR2SbDM]Youtube](http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/1219490_1124.html/media) or [Week 3 [media=youtube]9gObAlxyhjY]Youtube or [url=http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/1219883_1124.html[/media]

Any word yet on who the end boss/bosses is/are for this game yet?

isn’t it gold Lightan or whatever his name his. IDK saki super when viewtiful Joe died was able to be charged, before i thought she got hit out of it or something.

No. Lightan and PTX are regular characters.

Ah, another thread. Also, good video with Roll. My dad watched Roll’s super and couldn’t stop laughing. He might pick her up once the game is out.:looney:

Finally. I was getting sick of all that discussion about homebrews, Animal Crossing and Gekkoes.

But yeah. I still want more information on PTX and Lightan. Those characters fascinate me.

The reason Joe’s cannon didn’t hit Doranjo was because she was standing too close to him. This attack seems to have a large dead zone right in front of him. So it will only be useful for attacking opponents who are far away.

Also, who here thinks Karas is looking a bit cheap?

I do! But I think he’s going to be the new Strider!:woot:

I dont think Karas looks cheap from landing two lv3s in one video. But his standing B looks crazy.

I still want to know if the “ducks” that polymer gets are useful for other thing besides his lv3 super. Unless his lv3 does a lot damage (more than most lv3s…i havent checked that)

But if i recall correctly, you can ‘break’ moves into a duck storage to cancel some recovery. Seemed useful at Evo.

I am pretty sure those are not ducks but his “P” in Polymer.

And they also boost his hyper combos and some of his specials.

Also - please ask Wii-related stuff on a different board.

ooh thats useful, does it applies to normal or special moves?. btw thanks a lot…seems that polymar will be a combo machine. (well…he already is…)

Uhhh, they are now and forever, Ducks. MORE DUCKS!

lol yeah, ducks sounds cooler. it will be interesting to play polymar, sound a lot like GG Jam

Well Karas seems to have great speed, combo ability, range and priority. I guess his damage output is a little low, but he seems to masaccre short-range fighters like Roll.

Really dude? From ONE video?

No, I’ve watched several videos of Karas. It’s pretty easy to see that with that kind of gameplay, he’ll do well vs short range characters like V joe and Roll.