Tatsunoko vs Capcom Tournament Community on Facebook - Bringing together whats left of the community

Recently we have started playing this again in SoCal, so I am making some moves to try and re-organize whats left of the TvC community.

This had previously been a SoCal TvC only focused group, but I have recently changed it to try and bring together anybody still left around. Generally the focus of the group about potential off-line play, so try not to flood it with friend codes, though it is not against any rules to trade them or anything. Whatever gets people playing I guess!

To show what we’ve been doing recently. This was our first session in over half a year. We live-streamed this earlier in the month.

Good matches.

Also, when you or anyone in that scrolling chat refers to Doronjo’s techniques, her lackey’s names are Boyacki and Tonzura.

Boyacki wears green clothes, while Tonzura wears blue.

Good shit, lets try and keep the dream somewhat alive

recently took the leap to try this game out! (joined the group as well, a few weeks back) liking what I’ve played so far, wish my wii would stop having disc read errors.

be great if some of the members made beginners guides to the game and characters.

Also, so that you know, Doronjo plays differently from everyone else. You must become a Palm Tree master and abuse it.

I’ve been thinking about a TvC wiki. I wouldn’t mind having one but I probably won’t work on it this month or anything. Who knows, maybe I will work on one soon. The only problem is I think I’d be the only one who’d work on it, I don’t think any of the other people who still know how to play would do it. That is my reason for being hesitant about it.

For now I can answer any questions you may have abput TvC here, or on the facebook group.

Also, where are you located? There are still some people around the US that I know of that still play, or would want to play if given the option, though you may not even be in the US lol.

understandable, it would be a big project to take up alone especially with all the characters to do guides for. SRK TvC wiki has some stuff written in it, but it hasn’t been updated in a while of course.

I live in MN, I know there’s a small community of fighting gamers here but I’m not sure if any of em play TvC though.

I’m loving the TvC love!!! This is probably the only current gen VS game I’m willing to put time in… I also enjoyed that 4 hour stream… Keep it up!!!

Holy crap rotanibor trying to resurrect tvc. I have just been watching alot of it lately, can’t believe this lost out to mvc3… smh