Tatsunoko vs Capcom?!?!? Why not Capcom vs Shonen JUMP!

When I heard about tvc, I was dumbfounded, but it’s mainly because I didn’t grow up with all those legendary japanese anime characters. It did make me think about why they didn’t do a crossover with jump characters. Just think about all the matchup possibilities!!! Ryu vs naruto, Ichigo vs Strider, and even Luffy vs Dhalsim!!! Jump characters are well known in both Japan and America, so the crossover seems almost perfect. Please tell me what you all think.

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Another “I wanna see this vs that!!!” Thread?!!? Alright!

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Yes, let’s ask for another game that will be stuck in licensing hell outside of Japan.

They did it with mvc, Im sure it’s very possible with this since jump anime is wildly popular here.

It was doable because Marvel told Capcom to make Children of the Atom and then Marvel Superheroes. From there it was like “Hey, might as well throw in some street fighter characters” and then it was like “Might as well throw in more marvel characters…and more street fighter characters…” then “How about more capcom and marvel characters to the umpteenth degree!? IT’S A LICENSING BONANZA!”

…and then the penis with flacid Capcom got blue balls and they had to start from scratch several years later.

Anyway, CvT didn’t even come out in America, it didn’t matter if it was popular or not. If Shounen’s so popular here, where’s JUS?

Since they’re both japanese companies, I think it’ll be a little easier than a japanese/american teamup.

Share your opinions here.

Capcom could do it if they wanted to pay out of their ass for the rights to all those series.

That’s why they did it with Tatsunoko now, since it’s a dying company at the moment and character rights would probably be really cheap, and why they did it with marvel back then when they were in a slump.

and besides, jump is full of shit for the most part nowadays anyways.

All financial boundaries aside, if this had a chance of happening, they better put in old school series like Hokuto no Ken, Jojo, Kinnikuman, Dragonball and Seiya over crap like naruto and bleach.


Capcom’s been really trying to please their western fans with games like re5 and lost planet because they know that western developers are on the rise. This is another possible killer app that could do it as well.

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Going with Jump characters in the first place would be a marketing move to sell more copies, so they’d likely go with what is the most popular at the moment, rather than what used to be.

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Good point. I’ve never heard of Hokuto no Ken, Jojo, or Kinnikuman but Dragon ball still has a huge following, so they would fit really well.

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Wow…I remember people who used to be clueless about Anime, or even hated it…had a soft spot for HNK cause of the movie… are all children this deprived these days?

hate all you want, but if you all didn’t care or take this thread seriously then you wouldn’t have even clicked on the link. sides, you a-holes know you’d play that shit if it was real.