Tatsunoko vs Capcom Wii Stick + Classic Controller PC adapter slight issue


So I have a Madcatz Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick for wii. It works great for the wii, no problems there. I also purchased this adapter so I could use it with my PC. This works great as well except for one small issue. The buttons assigned to the right and left triggers of the classic controller are recognized as “dial” or something strange like that in the Windows game controller utility. As a result, it is difficult to assign these buttons to anything in some applications. Specifically, the Street Fighter IV controller settings window (the one used to assign device buttons to “Xbox 360 buttons” before the game is actually launched) will not recognize these buttons when trying to assign them. The current work-around I am using is to use Xpadder (which has no problem with triggers) to assign my stick’s button to keystrokes and trick the game into thinking I’m playing with the keyboard.

The adapter is designed to transfer the pressure sensitive trigger inputs of the classic controller to the PC, which I’m guessing is the reason why the LT and RT buttons on the stick are not coming up as regular buttons in Windows.

My question is: would there be any way to mod the stick (without losing Wii functionality) or the adapter to fix this? I guess I can put up with Xpadder, but it would be nice to just have it work normally.

Thanks for any expertise anyone can offer and I hope I didn’t confuse you guys :bgrin:

EDIT - I just saw that the adapter is supposed to come with a CD ROM that allows button remapping. I don’t recall seeing one in my packaging, but I will check when I get home and see if this could work.


Kind of off topic, but does that converter let you use the TvC stick on PS3 as well?


Yes, I just installed the drivers off the disc and now everything works perfectly. Awesome!

As for PS3, I have no idea :frowning: