Tattoo Art Request


I’ve had this idea for a tattoo for a while, but I have no artistic tallent so its tough to get what I want on paper. I have talked to a couple of people to get some help with it but to no avail. I want a picture of Zato 1/Eddie from Guilty Gear that resembles The Ouroboros. This is the picture that sparked that and a simple example of The Ouroboros. Anybody with some artistic tallent want to take a shot at this one?


Well, without knowing most of the specifics, I came up with two very quick thumbnails that expressed two of my immediate ideas. The first is more of an action shot, the ouroboros circling around a standing zato/eddie. The second is of the body being surrounded by it, which I think is a bit stronger symbolism from a story perspective.

Check them, see if it’s anything you’d go with.


i would suggest finding a skilled tattoo artist to draw it for you. Some art can be a bad choice as a tattoo, given the lvl of detail.
If you can find a tattoo artist that draws well and has portfolio of nice clean tattoos, that would be your best bet, as they would make the design more applicable for a tattoo.