Tattoo design request prz!

So, I’m new to the website! Not sure if this is where I should be posting this at all. :sweat:

I’m looking for talented folks who can possibly make a tattoo design for me.

Basically what I want is a lions face to go on the upper right part of my back.
Think of the wolf design from FF VII Advent Children if you’ve ever seen it, something like that. The mane I want it to be made up of interesting and cool designs. I don’t want this to be realistic, I want something badass but also take into consideration that I’m a girl, so I don’t want anything too manly looking. If it’s going to be in color, I want nice vibrant crazy colors, if not, then just plain black and white will do.

Post only if you’re serious.

Please be nice. :lovin:

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it would help you if you posted or pm the person who wants to do this a pic of your back.

Why would she need a pic of her back? That’s rather irrelevant.