Tattoo Request (yes that's what it says)

I’ve been kicking around the idea of paying homage to my favorite character of any entertainment media for quite some time. The problem is that I can’t find any pictures/artwork/gif/anything that I am willing to put on my forearm just yet. I have finally decided to go through with it, but I need some help.

I need Hulk pics…from anywhere. Make em /find em/scan em/ i don’t care. I prefer big, monsterous, fuck up your universe Hulk, but any will do for the purpose of selection.

Attached are a few of the Hulks that I’m considering, so if you want to take these and edit them I’d be for that too.

The one that I feel is the best will end up on my forearm for all to see (so if you want your artwork on someones arm…give it a shot)

Thank you to anyone who supports my search.


Forgot to attatch the files…um I guess I can’t…

anyone that can tell me why I can’t attatch files like I used to be able to gets a cookie…

re: attachments, I’m pretty sure that it’s been restricted to Premiums only.

We have a winner.