TATVSCAP Community Server BETA

<!> WARNING: Always check http://tatvscapwii.dontrush.me before using.
Not doing so, you risk running into my code tests which change BattlePoints and you might end up with 0 BP… or BIG BOSS’s 26,112 BP if you’re lucky.

Hello all,


Similar to the PokemonGTS hackers, I’ve got a server set up for TvC to hopefully do something kinda cool. I believe I have a way of causing opponent-search to only match you with players of a certain minimum ranking. Right now, I have it set to “Master”. It appears to work for me so I’d like to see if others see the same results. The only times I get someone below “Master” is at times I think there must not be anyone up to that rank online at all… like at maybe 2am or something.
Also similar to the hackers of Pokemon, I also only require you to change your WII’s primaryDNS to Then simply go online with Tatsunoko-vs-Capcom and fight people in Free or Ranked battle. Note that it may take awhile to find an opponent because of this restriction. Also, the actual battle with your opponent does not involve my server. As soon as it says “Opponent Found”, the WII has disconnected from me. So any lag isn’t from me. I plan to leave this server running for the next 24hrs at least. When you’re done, simply put your WII’s DNS setting back to whatever they were. For most of you, it’s probably “Auto-Obtain DNS”.

Please post your experiences here. I’m curious to see if people find this useful at all. I’m also wondering if everyone uses the same server for opponent-search.


Technical Explaination:
For those who are interested in how this works.

The IP mentioned above is my machine running Linux(Ubuntu specifically, for now). A program called “bind9” is doing DNS lookups there on the default port of 53. It works just like your regular DNS server except for one change. Any lookups for tatvscapwii.ms19.gs.nintendowifi.net are routed back to me. This server is the opponent-search server used by TvC. The search looks like this:

dwc_mver = 90 and dwc_pid != [yourPID] and maxplayers = 1 and numplayers < 1 and dwc_mtype = 0 and dwc_hoststate = 2 and dwc_suspend = 0 and (str=‘KEY_00dr’ and mode=1 and lv>=0 and lv<=26 and mp>=0 and mp<=120 and cnt=49)

When in FreeBattle, mode=1 & lv>=0. When in RankedBattle, mode=0 and lv>=3.(at least it is for me as UltraKing). If your settings are not limited to domestic the cnt=49 will say “(cnt=49 or wrld=1)”

I’m not clear on what the other values in the above search-query are for. Someone in the Pokemon forums I think said the cnt stands for country.

Based on previous observations with TvC servers, I’m very confident that the lv being 0 - 26 represents the rank levels of the game. 0 being beginner and 26 being UltimateHero. When the WII begins seraching for a battle it will connect to my server instead of Nintendo’s. There is a Python script waiting for inbound connections. I simply connect to Nintendo and relay traffic between your WII and Nintendo with some alteration: I change “lv>=” part to ensure it always says “lv>=13”. I’ve also changed mode to be “mode<2” because you might somehow fight a player from FreeBattle while you’re in ranked battle. Wouldn’t that be strange!

My access logs are empty.
Nobody has any interest in online matches being filtered by certain rankings? I’ll leave it running throughout the weekend.

Well, just so you guys know… I’ve been doing alot of testing with this server myself. The filtering of Master minimum seems to work most of the time. Additionally, I change cnt=49 or wrld=1 to “cnt!=49 and wrld=1”, making most of my matches from people not in USA(i.e., a bunch of people I’ve never fought with before)… and I toggle the mode= value. So if I’m in FreeBattle, I change it to Ranked battle and vice-versa.
I’ve also been tampering with how the server tells TvC an opponent has been found and trying to speed it up. Though I don’t understand the info that is being sent yet, it is clear to me that when Nintendo sends the will less than 180 bytes it was some kind of command to tell the WII a match is about to start. The WII can either re-submit the search query or reply with a string that begins with “/tatvscapwiitatvscapwii”, which always results in an “Opponent found. Connecting…” shortly afterwards. I’ve recorded those bytes and replay it to the WII anytime Nintendo was about to send less than 180 bytes.

It looks like this:

0000000: e600 0019 b22f 8346 303e 11e6 36ce cff8 …/.F0>…6…
0000010: 237e e214 cb66 3baa 153a 927c c045 5ff0 #~…f;…:.|.E_.
0000020: 856b 979e 5605 a080 2169 54f0 7f5d b304 .k…V…!iT…]…
0000030: f1de 8be1 b760 c08a 2a23 1a58 c2f7 a699 …..*#.X.... 0000040: 57d8 05ea bf3c 4048 2514 48ef 9b21 9ac7 W....<@H%.H..!.. 0000050: 66fe 548a 727c 38db aa42 7570 7411 e700 f.T.r|8..Bupt... 0000060: 44cf 0e06 08fe 65d4 ebd8 f828 db7f e12d D.....e....(...- 0000070: c3e1 6d4f 5932 ca6e 9a74 5c96 24cf d677 ..mOY2.n.t\.$..w 0000080: 3660 7fd6 5484 7ad4 8262 a43a 7c8c 9e73 6…T.z…b.:|…s
0000090: dadd 3243 65d6 9a46 97bf 2a0c dd15 55fe …2Ce…F…*…U.
00000a0: 7bd4 351d 0259 fb63 4af4 964b {.5…Y.cJ…K

So, I have a strange situation where a match up will always begin within 1min of searching for an opponent, …or you’ll get a server-error and knocked off line.
Most of the time, an opponent is found so I kinda wonder what it looks like to the people I’m fighting. It normally takes significantly longer for me to find an opponent without doing byte-replay stuff. If anyone has played me this weekend, did I become your opponent in a strange way? Like were you in Ranked mode and battled me without losing/gaining BP? Or were you in Free mode but still lost/gain BP? …or did I interrupt a battle you were already in with a “Here comes a new challenger” kinda thing? These things sound impossible, but I’m really wondering where my opponents are coming from when it normally takes much longer for me to find someone to fight.

Barely anyone plays TvC anymore, and even less play online. You’re basically cooking food that no one will eat.

Your efforts are admirable, but I’m afraid it’s in vain.

Sorry man.

seems interesting, I’m now public on top 100…lol 64, after I was top 20 b4 the stupid Rank Points erased Glitch happened

Does this still work???


Damn I thought this might have been a thread on how to play TVC online through a wii emulator. That would be hype.

Lol Wii Emulator…

Wii emulation is no laughing matter.
It’s like having Wii in HD with any controller you choose.