"TAUNT" button help on PSX pcb hack...HELP!

So I make joysticks here and there as a hobby. I hack PSX pcb’s, the standard ones, not duel shock (Sony brand), but I hate having to press Lk and Start to taunt. I dick with my friends all the time, I taunt like a jackass…Often. However I hate how it’s inconsistent and sometimes it pauses the game and screws up the momentum.
I’ve tried running an additional wire from Lk and Start to my “taunt” button and it makes both Lk and “taunt” do the taunt, Lk doesn’t work. I’ve tried grounding the “Taunt” button to one of the other “R” leads and get the same result. Surely this is possible, does anyone know how to make this work??? :shake::confused:

Can’t you just make an extra button hole for like L1 or L2 and map it to taunt from the game’s config menu? I guess you want something that will taunt right off the bat though huh?

Your friends must be a bunch of scrubs.

Assuming the games you play allow you to remap buttons, and have taunt as a button, listen to tl613.

You need to use a completely new button, and buffer it from the rest of the circuit.

So drill an extra hole, mount a new button. Now you need 2 diodes(1n4148 or 1n4001). They allow electricity to flow in one direction only. You want a signal diode. Germanium diodes are best(less voltage loss). Silicon is fine.

You would add a wire from the LK button to the TAUNT button with a diode along the wire. Press TAUNT and LK should come out.

Now do the same thing from the START button to TAUNT and it should do TAUNT. If it does only LK or START, one of the diodes is backwards.

The ground wire for TAUNT is the same as the others.

I haven’t even tried it, just working it out in my head on the fly.

It works. I’ve personally done it with an Agetec PCB. Two diodes and you’re done.

The diodes have a stripe on one end. You want the end of the diode with the stripe to connect to the other diode’s striped end, and also to the pushbutton. The one non-striped end goes to short (X I assume) while the non-striped end of the other diode goes to Start

Where might I get diodes? Radio Shack or something similar? Thanks Guys, you’ve been way helpful!

Yup. Radio Shack, Fry’s, whatever. Get the cheapest package they have (probably 1N4148’s)and use those.

Your diodes might have a reddish glass case, which is actually good. The stripe will be a black stripe on thw glass. If it is a black plastic cylinder, the stripe(or band) will be white.