Taunt Info

Anyone have a list of the special effects gained from taunts for each character?

Yeah. (Thanks to Adam Deats, Mark Rogoyski and Ken Schmidt for making the guide, which is where Im getting this from)

Akuma-Attack power and stun damage increase.

Alex- Attack power increase. Hold down to keep taunting, or taunt repeatedly (max is 4)

Chun-Li- When she yawns, stun gauge recovery rate increase. can be done 3 times. Cracks neck=attack power increase (not for throws). pats shoulder=defense increase. stretches=attack and defense power increase.

Dudley- Attack power increase

Elena-Stun damage increase, can be done 4 times.

Gill-attack power increase

Hugo- attack power increase, defense bonus every time you taunt. can be held down. Press up at the same time as taunt to get Poison to come out and taunt as well.

Ibuki- attack power increase if the hop connects

Ken-attack power increase, not for throws

Makoto-hold for 3 segments. 1st seg=attack power and stun recovery. 2nd=same. 3rd=another stun recovery increase.

Necro-attack power, not throws. hold down.

Oro- Stun gauge is lowered. Hold to keep lowering it

Q-defense bonus, do it 3 times, lasts all round

Remy- + Stun damage, can be done 4 times.

Ryu- Stun gauge recovery rate, can be done 3 times

Sean- Stun damage increase when ball hits, can be done 3 times

Twelve - Goes invisible

Urien - Attack power increase, you dont get it if the taunt hits the opponant

Yang- Attack power increase, throws receive one point increase in damage

Yun-Attack power increase, minor increase for throws. Im not really clear on this one. Can be done 8 times, or held down.

Again I got all this from the guide.

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Gouki, Makoto, Urien, and Dudley’s attack power doesn’t increase for throws.

I think Alex can increase his damage the same as if he taunted four separate times if you hold the buttons down for 10 rotations.

I think Chun Li can’t stack her defense bonuses like some people.

For Hugo, if you press the buttons, power goes up for non throw moves. If you hold the buttons, power also increases for throws.

Gill takes either 2x or 1.5x damage while taunting.

For Hugo can’t you do it 4 times to increase?

Doesn’t it last all round?

That’s for the defense boost. His attack boost doesn’t work like that… although I’m not too clear on how long attack boosts last. Is it just to the next attack? Or is it until you’re hit/block an attack?

however there are some characters who can actually use their taunts during real gameplay. Like Dudley, Q, and Sean lol. Sometimes I see a 12 player go invisible, but it doesn’t work to either player’s benefit if you ask me. Whiel Daigo loves Ken’s taunt it seems lol.

Attack bonuse are lost when you are hit, or after you hit the opponent (lasts until your combo is finished), or after you force the opponent to block/parry an attack.

I think Daigo uses Ken’s taunt for the tactical advantage. In the vids I’ve seen, he uses it after a connected super art, which means the taunt is free. Now if he’s just sitting back taunting, then yea, I’m sure he loves it all the same^


So Hugos 4 taunts makes his defense better then Q’s 3 taunts?

I think Q is slightly better, not positive though.

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too bad the stun boost remy gets for a taunt goes away after a hit.

^^-- what?! lol!

Poor Remy… :frowning: