Taunting blunders (and phisophical taunting debate)

I know the title is somewhat of a paradox. How can taunting ever result in a blunder?

I had one today I just had to laugh at, it was so Dan like. Round 3, I got my opponent dizzied, we both had minimal health left, I have a maxed out Ultra. Game over right? Wrong.

Of course I taunt, then go for the ultra, but he recovered in time to block ( turbo button!), and then he punished and won. How embarrassing.

So post any stories where taunting wasn’t such a good idea.

Sometimes it seems like taunting decreases my skill level with every taunt. Any time I jump out dominating a round and taunt my ass off, I swear they almost always come back. I think its a subconcious thing, once you taunt you gotta back it up, and it puts pressure on you. It goes both ways, Ive had players that get the jump on me at the beginning taunt at every opportunity, then I end up beating them.

Heh I had something kinda similar. Dizzied opponent, thought the round was mine so I taunted then did HP xx Kouryuken (back when I thought that was his best damage :P), obviously my friend got out of dizzy quick enough to block it and managed to win the round instead.

As a result I’ll generally only taunt a dizzied opponent if a simple throw would finish them off :stuck_out_tongue: The other thing is to follow up with an FA3 (cutting the taunt short), it’s kinda risky but it’ll still catch them blocking :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the key is to cr. Taunt. It’s shorter… right?

Because getting a random stun in SF4 is taunt worthy, right?

With Dan, hitting your opponent with a jab/koryuken/super/ultra/focus/gadouken/throw is taunt worthy. Look it up.

I’ll pass. I enjoy Dan’s taunting, it’s funny to me, but with any character, it’s usually a waste of time.

i mostly get accidental taunts because of my sloppy execution,i always try to link waljump hk>cr.hp>super (seth).maybe i should start using jab for the super input,:rofl::rolleyes:

Quite the opposite, can’t cancel out of the animation like with the standing taunts :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re worried about enemies coming out of stun, stick to the 09 Taunt. It’s cancel able as soon the ass-slap finishes.

When I was a scrub Dan I would knock them down get close and jump back with taunt everytime and lol… until they ultra’d me everytime. Also unless my opponent disrespects me alot, I take advantage of stun now, as before I would just stun in front of there face without even blocking then they make a comeback… Sometimes karma is in my favor then I can kick ass and taunt excessively. I’ve gotten a perfect super taunt finish once, the guy stopped fighting after that, Saikyo not only crushes them physically, but mentally as well.

I have had a few where they brake out of stun while I was taunting. I have run into fireballs while trying to air taunt.

Super Taunt is usually what kills me. I keep using it, not even to really bait things out so much as to just have fun. But I keep having people use super armor moves on me. Damn Balrog, I thought I had him with Super Taunt bait but just as a put in the Ultra I realized that the EX has armor. Gah, I wish it broke armor. But yea, I have lost quite a few rounds where I just had to use my super taunt.

I rarely use Legendary Taunt, mainly because I never have meter for it from excessive EX Dankuu usage :stuck_out_tongue:

If I do use it it’ll be for one of two reasons:

  1. Open for a punishment, c.MK xx Gadouken xx Legendary Taunt xx Shissou Buraiken just because it’s so awesome :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Probably going to lose, what the hell!

If I decide to throw it out randomly I’ll always cancel into it from a Gadouken, if I’m lucky and the Gadouken hits it guarantees Ultra (and Ultra will be ready if I’m throwing it out randomly :P).

Sometimes when I try to cancel off a Gadouken I guess I botch it and press P too soon, Gadouken doesn’t come out and I end up canceling the c.MK into Hisshou Buraiken instead :frowning: Really don’t know why 'cause Legendary Taunt can cancel from any cancelable normal as well. Can cancel off a c.LP and if quick enough can cancel into Ultra and still land it :slight_smile:

God forbid Dan players actually like to have…gasp, “fun” when we play. I’m not training for the UFC over here I am playing a video game. I am aware alot of people on this site spend 6 hours a day taking their game to “the next level” with eye of the tiger playing in the background, I play the game, have fun, learn and do my best within my style of play. Jesus Christ I wouldn’t be using Dan, if I was that fucking serious about this game.

Legendary taunt 1 second before a timeout win is key.

Ive only managed to combo into a legendary taunt on KO once, that is the greatest form of humilation possible. I always end up misjudging my opponents health and end up ko’ing them before It combos (or end up not ko’ing them. ) I always try and sneak in a cr.mk >gado>Legendary taunt for the KO.

Time outs are pretty rare for me, I either win with plenty of time or lose with plenty of time :stuck_out_tongue:

Easiest way of getting the Legendary Taunt KO is off a cancelled Gadouken that does chip damage, which is probably the best way of winning with it too because you get the C ontop of it XD

you laughed at your embarresing loss?
then yoiu achieved the point of playing the charachter.

we only play dan for 2 reasons… to laugh our asses off or to prove we can do more with a lesser charachter than people playing more powerful ones.

I play because I like making the videos and i like to make myself and people who watch laugh… if i wanted to be the sf4 BEAST i would roll sagat and watch mago videos all day and minic their moves and enjoy a g1 rank. but i like playing dan and i would like to lose taunting…

hell one of my most famous moves is focus attack… walk up and low taunt “whats the problem” in their crumpled corpses face. effective no… but amusing yes. and its even more amusing when i get punished taunting.

Gief, sim and particularly turtley Ryus, and dictators are the only ones I really see timeouts with.

Yeah, guess I’m just too impatient on those and usually end up losing. Another bad habit of mine but I can’t be bothered to wait around all day :stuck_out_tongue:

Dhalsim is understandable, Zangiefs would most likely just bumrush me and I’ll get screwed :frowning: boring turtle Ryus or whatever, fine, have your boring win and I’ll boot you after that game :stuck_out_tongue:

Not using them enough.

I <3 the floating taunt.

(It seems to be the only time I don’t catch a hadouken in the face.)