Taunting in CvS2

Taunting in CvS2…

since the DC version is most arcade perfect versioan (not the PS2 which has messed up hit boxes)… I assume the DC version will be used. The only problem with the DC is that taunting on it is a pain in the ass. Seeing as how taunting is actually important gameplay aspect against of the most used grooves, K groove… how do I go about taunting in a simple manner rather than hitting 2 different buttons which may be at a varying distance for peoples sticks? I mean I don’t want the start button too close, because when I am mashing, I don’t want to accidentally hit it and pause the match, which gets me DQed. If it is too far away, well, it would suck because there would be no easy way to taunt. I hope this does not come down to “we’re using the PS2 version… which is less arcade perfect.”

cmon now, do you “really” need that taunt? of course you dont. you would probably be the only person that i have ever heard that really needs his taunt for gameplay purposes…

Acctulay honestly i thought this was the probably the best argument so far about the consel/arcade issue.

Though its not something that happens a lot by any means. To say that useing a stratigicly placed taunt against K groove would never happen is pretty stupid. Cuz it does happen every once in a while.

if K groove’s bar is just under full… and my character is about to die… i’d like to taunt and fill his bar, so my next character doesn’t have to deal with an overpowered super because K groove doesn’t carry meter from one round to another if the gauge is completely filled up. If it is not, they are going to keep all that meter. And yes it makes that much of a difference being able to taunt liberally vs K groove, because it is a very widely used anti K groove strategy.

The only custom I can do with Sakura is Jab SRK [standing roundhouse - taunt]xN.

Oh, and sacrifice taunt against k-groove before chip death does happen in mid-tier play.

Consider it CvS2 version 1.21, with no taunts =P. I think the benefits outweigh the gameplay issues by about infinity to 1.

my ENTIRE CVS2 game is based on Joe Higashi and Blanka’s taunts.

Actually, SaBrE, it’s a strategic move. He’s not he only person. I’ve seen it done in tournaments. I’ve used it myself, and have also had it used against me.

They taunt when they are about to die, so your K-groove bar is full. Therefore, you can’t carry that shit to the next round.

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i dunno, i never seen it used in high level. and if its been used, it must not be used often if i dont ever remember it. i honestly dont think its gonna make any difference, the opponent will still get their shit back in 3 hits/1 combo lol

While we’re at it, we can have the NBA playoffs where the rim is 11 feet high instead of 10 feet high… that’ll definitely decide whose the best in Pro Basketball. Think of it as NBA basketball 1.21 where the rim is a little higher. Higher rims means more shooting oriented play than dump the ball to the center… guard play is always more fun.

And for Baseball, lets have the World Series with Corked bats. Think of it like World Series 1.21 where there are corked bats so even I can hit homeruns!!! More homeruns means more improved and fun game to watch.

Your answer was basically pointless, and I don’t see your point posting it. Changing to console is fine if they preserve the gameplay aspect. And this is just one example of which I foresee as a problem, and I am addressing it and asking for possible solutions.

EDIT: I saw a video of Choi’s Ken use it vs Ricky’s Sagat. That way, when Guile came in, he didn’t have to deal with a super from sagat since Sagat only came in with 1/4 of a bar of life (enough to get that super had choi not taunted it away, but now he has no super… no random runup low forward into super and half life from guile gone). This was in the finals of a SVGL tournament. I’m not that good a player, but in my humble opinion, Choi vs Ricky is high level of play.

acctualy at high level play…

Dont some japanese tournments acctualy put the player 2 start button in a awkard postion so it is harder to hit. This is done to even out the advantage that player 2 has with the cross ups etc.

Quite a few tournments over there do it from what ive heard, and im just about postive it was used at the big tournment in japan 2(maybe it was 3)years ago.

So saying that, the japanese must consider it at least a viable thing…

Anyway dont confuse this with i dont think cvs2 should be on consel or anything.(though i do think ST should be on arcade) But i do think that this is a good point.

  1. It happens very quickly, like a split second before the KO comes up, so it is easy to miss.
  2. When was the last time you let your opponent get a free combo on you so that your meter can get refilled?
  3. I’m not really trying to debate the point, as I don’t play CvS2, rather, I’m practicing for next year, when 3rd Strike gets moved to console, I will be ready to debate the nuances of gameplay.

Not being able to taunt is not equivilent to moving the rim in pro basketball up to 11 feet. It’s more like telling the players, “Now you can’t play in white shoes.”

Is this going to throw a few players game off? Maybe by a little, but not enough for anybody to notice or care.

This year they take away taunts in CvS2, next year they take away ken’s low strong - hit confirm - super III in 3rd Strike…

I don’t think this will sway the organizers to go back to arcade.

However, there should be a special rule, that if a 1P K-groove character’s meter is almost full, the 2P character is extremely low on life, and 2P accidentally pauses the game trying to taunt, 2P must unpause the game, correctly taunt to max out the 1P K-groove meter, and then the 1P K-groove character immediately kills the other character.

This will save people from getting dq’ed

Edit: Although, it might be a judgement call if 2P is getting rushed down by 1P. I think at that point the judge has to decide whether or not the chances were reasonable good that 2P could have easily gotten the taunt off before dying. If you were blocking Sagat st.jabx4 and you pause at the 2nd jab, you should be DQ’ed.

Well, if they’re going to have their own arcade sticks there…why not try wiring a button that pushes start and short at the same time? I’m not sure how well that’d work out, but it’s an idea.

because that is a more pay in the ass solution than i’ve seen, having a good 300 people rewire their stick for one game… I don’t see that being worth it. Most won’t even do it, so there will be a handful of sticks wired that way.

and i’d prefer a tournament to not be decided on judgment calls because I think it definitely allows for favoritism.

ROFL. As if there are judges watching games… :rolleyes:

Yeah, i think if you wire short and start together you should be fine. Otherwise you’ll just have to work around it, no point in adding rules and judges and such, play on.

welp, there really is no solution then. Just don’t pause the game. No what ifs. Just don’t complain if it happens 2 u.