Taunting, Winning, and Courtesy

Ken’s Taunt gives you a power boost for your next attack and is relatively quick.

The Dilemma: I land (two) light shoryu on my opponent in the corner. Should I not taunt just about every time afterwards? Sure, I can dance back and forth along the throw range, but the power boost seems more beneficial to me (and its not like they’ll know which way to block either way).

People get mad at me when I do it, but it’s a free damage boost. I’m playing to win, but it tends to alienate opponents who I haven’t met before, who tend to think I’m cocky.

I often get the same shit for taunting with necro, even from people who understand the real point of the taunt. Id say do it, dont give a shit if people get upset.


Also, if people have issues with you taunting. Don’t play Q like I do.

Seriously. People get pissed when you taunt x’s 3 first opening seconds of the round even though you’re taking hits to the fact.

It’s like Q is hulking up or something. xD

I’m pretty sure they can tech-roll and hit you if you do that. I always thought/presumed the only safe time to taunt was after landing Shippu.

It depends on the character as some get up faster then others. Which is why you usually see the taunt in a match against Chun, she gets up slowest.

go ahead and taunt all u gotta do is back it up at the end

when i play vs ppl that taunt but their character doesn’t need it, i get annoyed.

playing vs dudley or q i understand but anybody else is just bad manners. you better back it up.

Taunting isn’t bad manners. It adds damage to your next hit. If they get upset when you taunt then you should find new opponents.

how can someone get mad if someone taunts em:confused:

because taunting with ken does two things.

  1. It increases the damage of ken’s next hit.

  2. It raises your opponents temper.

While I regard this as rude there are a few exceptions when I do it:

-If your opponent can’t figure how to counter something and falls for it again and again, I’ll just do one after his third mistake. He goddamn deserves it if that’s the case.

-When you really need the powerup, e.g if you’re Q. Or Ryu or Oro when you’re stunned badly. Unfortunately most people still get offended knowing this…

-When you’re using it as part of a tactic to mess the other guy up. e.g Ibuki, Sean or Dudley

  • If he’s in the other corner building meter and waiting for you to make an advance, dare him with a taunt. Do this more than once if you wish. Mind games is all part of the game, ESPECIALLY if he’s a damn turtle.

Thats all. NEVER use it to:

-Kick him when he’s down. Meaning to taunt the guy after you down him a round. Thats just plain fucked up of you!

-Beat him to an inch of his life and use one of those taunts that hit for 1 damage (Necro, Dudly, Sean, Ken, Ibuki, Yun, Yang) . It’s humiliation in it’s worst way. I really hate it when my opponent does this to me. Thats so damn uncalled for.

Thats my “rule of conduct” but what the hell, It’s just a game. Taunting should be OK as long as your opponent knows you’re doing it just for fun. So use it for casuals or with someone you know, whats the harm. If you use it in competition or someone you don’t know in an arcade you’re not familiar with, well, my advise is to avoid dark alleys when you go home.

Someone threatened me when I threw too much but this one is new to me. Now I have to becareful with who I taunt. Soon I won’t even be allowed to touch the controls or else someone will jump me.

Heh. Up to you, really. But it’s kinda fun to poke fun with someone you know. My matches with friends is always a tauntfest :rofl:

For me, man, in game and out of game are different experiences. On the real, I taunt whenever I feel like it, but I’m never an ass and I’m always nice to people, so if you want to judge me based on how I play, fuck you. It’s just another form of prejudice man, remember it’s just a game, and taunting in game is fine. If it fucks you up, well you’re fucking stupid, but if you pull it off, whatever. Being nice is for outside of the game. Inside of the game, let loose.

Taunt with Urien if you’re in the corner. No one sees it coming. =]

there are a few taunts that i use to actually get an advantage, and not just to be a dick.

  1. ken
  2. oro/ryu
  3. q
  4. makoto (if you manage to stun your opponent and can get this off, i find that its possibly the most practical taunt to use in the game besides q and stun reducers)
  5. yun (after connecting something like c.mp > dragon kicks ender to urien, or if you can land it after you’ve finished off your opponent with a s.mk in the corner ^^)
  6. dudley/sean (forces your opponent to block on wakeup, improving your wake-up game)
  7. necro

all i can think of right now, but either way…
nobody should really take it personally anyways…

Yeah, I only ever play with close friends, so I taunt them any and every moment I can.

i taunt when i think it would benefit me, even after my opponent gets pissed, hes a scrub…