Taunting with Urien

There has been some misconception about Uriens taunt. Many believe that the taunt loses it’s damage bonus if it hits, but through testing this idea is being challanged.

The taunt itself does 1 damage, the “taunt bonus” gives an approx. 25% extra in damage. When the taunt hits, the damage is given to the taunt itself, therefore there is no visible damage, 1pt damage * 1.25 = 1.25 in damage and it’s scaled down, and it does 1pt damage due to 3s health being calculated to the nearest whole number.

The taunt also gives damage bonus to fireballs also, the metallic sphere does 10 damage without bonus, with the bonus it does 13 damage, (10 * 1.25 = 12.5, scaled up to 13).

The aegis reflector does 19 damage with 6 hits, if by normal conception when you add a hit with Uriens taunt it would do 20 damage 19 (aegis) + 1 (taunt)=20. This is true to some extent, there has been testing and the results were as above, but on occasion the whole combo register as 23pt damage. Why this is random or if not random, the practice is unkown. The 23pt damage is evidence that the taunt gives 25% increase upon hit, with the taunt hitting, the bonus is still registered and given through the ageis.

This ultimately would prove useful in matches for high low aegis corner mix ups, due to the tuant starts off standing misleading the opponent into thinking it’s an overhead while it hits low, then comboing afterwards.

All testing was done on the PS2 version of 3s.

If anyone could contribute or explain the pecularity of the Uriens tuant, do contribute to this thread.

I thought the bonus carried through you next hit+combo. Meaning, as long as you maintain a combo off that first hit, you can maintain the taunt bonus somewhat… but i really don’t know. Interesting. :slight_smile:

The dmg bonus only carries over to the next successful attack or combo.

The taunt itself counts as the “next successful attack” if it hits, am i correct?