Taunton Round 1


SF4 sucks
the whole community is in disrepair
and also the 3s cabs at GU need to get repaired

BUT SF5 is coming

and Tom told me that a brand new arcade opened up in Taunton called Round 1 and it looks like it has everything. So basically everyone should try to go there as much as possible. Me and my crew will be there today the ninth till close, come and say hi.



Idk if anyone ever goes here anymore but 3s was hype so many ggs


I was hoping somebody would make a post about this place, the place is like a five minute drive from where i’m at


I saw this open up recently. I’m gonna check it out. I’m only 10 minutes away


A buddy of mine just told me about this place. I’m definitely going to check it out when I can. How often is everyone there and what days? Wanted to check it out Saturday but snow kept me in. Maybe this saturday coming up.


does anybody go to round 1 for events/casuals? i think it would be a shame to have such a good arcade in our area and not use it to have some fun would love to go there and meet some people from the local fgc, it would be awesome if they had some sf5 setups